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3 Questions to Ask to Stay Mindful About Giving Happily.

A wishing well where money has accumulated reminds us that abundance comes when we give happily!

In order to get what you want out of life, you have to give it. However, you must give it *happily*. Giving in any other way creates resistance and diminishes vibration. Giving is a key tenet to being successful in this realm, but we must make sure that we are practicing giving from the correct frequency so that everything returns to us in amplified abundance.


In order to receive, then we need to give. We’ve heard this many times. However, what’s been left out is the feeling that you need when you’re giving something. You must feel good about doing it. If you don’t feel good about giving it, then you almost never get it back.Often times we give because we feel obligated to or because we are seeking something in return.

"Well this person is family so I guess I'll give them this thing that they need."

"Ooooooh if I give this person what they need now, then when I need something in return, they'll be more compelled to give me what I want in the future."

Giving from a frequency of guilt or manipulation is a surefire way to manifest negative things into your life or just diminish your good vibrations.

Why is this? Because in the act of giving begrudgingly or deceptively, you are pushing your energy through a strainer. When you strip energy away from your acts via resistance or ulterior motives, they are less powerful and do not synchronize with other vibrations in the proper way. Perfect example: bills

Most people look at bills as a hindrance to living the life that they truly want to. Any hindrance to your life is perceived negatively.

When you pay bills, how do you feel?






If you feel any of these things, you’re never getting that money back. Ever. Because when you give it, you’re not giving it happily. Also, for that moment in time, you see money as negative because if money didn't exist, there would be no need to use it to pay bills. There are several subtle psychological games at play here that get embedded into your subconscious mind. (Read more about the subconscious mind here.)


You must be adaptable and abundant in the ways that you think about giving.

In correcting how I personally feel about giving, I’ve learned to do the following: Be happy that I’ve created the means to pay for the luxuries in my life. Look at bills as luxuries that you’re happy to have.

In all actuality, bills are luxuries when you break them down.

First, you have the luxury of clean water (generally), something that many places unfortunately do not have.

Second, you have the luxury of stable electricity (generally), something that many places don't have.

Third, you have the luxury of internet access which connects you all over the world and back again. How else would you be reading this blog post right?

The other option is that you could be out on the street begging random strangers for money or trying to find a comfortable spot under a bridge to sleep, not knowing where your next meal is going to come from.

You've created a rather comfortable life for yourself. Be appreciative of that. (Read more about being appreciative here.)

If you adopt this mind frame, when you pay homage to your bills like you do at church through the collection plate, you feel much better, and you get more money. Quick maffs.

Any feelings of pain while giving this money will ensure that you never get it back because it feels like a waste. When you waste your resources, you generally don't come up with ways to get them back. Money is no exception.


When it comes to giving things, always make sure that you are giving from a vibration of happiness and abundance. Any actions made out of stinginess will again only strip the power out of your giving. Sometimes, people can see this upfront and it makes them less receptive of your gifts, which further diminishes your power. Here are 3 quick questions to ask yourself when you are in the process of giving something to someone or something else:

1) How do I feel about giving this?

If the answer is anything other than happy, do not give.

2) Would I give this under any circumstance without expecting anything in return?

If the answer is anything other yes, do not give. You're seeking to manipulate people with your acts, which is sure to backfire at some point.

3) Is the person or thing made better by giving this?

If the answer is anything other than yes, do not give. When your giving acts cause the demise of something else, subconsciously you believe that you are flawed and that causes you to hoard your worthy gifts to yourself out of fear.

Use these questions to guide your giving and subscribe to the email list below to get more of these lessons exclusively delivered to your inbox. Happy giving to you all!!

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