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3 Simple Ways to Be Mindful of Your Time to Maximize Your Effectiveness and Productivity

Read this blog post to find 3 simple ways to be more efficient and productive with your time!

Are you struggling to find more time to do the things that you want?

Are you always late to important events or generally unaware of the things that you have committed to doing?

Are you constantly trying to find simple life hacks that give you more time?

Read ahead to find 3 simple things that you can do to finally get time on your side!


Time is the one thing that everyone wants more of, but doesn’t blink an eye to waste.

Think about it.

How much time do you waste daily:

*arguing about politricks

*scrolling social media to pass the time

*wandering aimlessly around town

*escaping reality (drink, drugs, porn, games etc.)

The average person wastes a ton of time daily and few people actually stop to take inventory of it.

This happened to me recently. Even though I know I’ve been going super hard in the paint with working for myself lately, I knew I was wasting a lot of time.

Where you say?

At the job I recently got fired from.

So I was a teacher at this summer camp recently. I was teaching STEM to kindergarteners through 5th graders.

That was my first mistake because these kids now are a totally different breed. Anyhow, I was doing experiments with them and trying to teach them general things about different areas of STEM. I initially agreed to take the job because:

*It was a referral from a family member

*I really do like teaching a lot

*I needed the money (surprise surprise right?)

However, when I got to the job, I quickly became frustrated with the work. Why?

*It was a long commute for crap pay

*The children weren't even in the building, forget being off the chain

*I didn't agree with a lot of the methods with how the staff were treating the students

The biggest thing that got me though was the commute time and pay

I was spending on average 2 1/2 hours in my car daily and only getting paid 12.50 an hour for 4 hours of work.

Total time sink.

How did I realize this? I made an insane amount of money off my twitter webinar.

The amount of money that I made from the webinar made me realize something yyyhuuuuuuuuge and bigly.

It made me realize how much time I had been wasting because I was undervaluing it.

This is a common trap that people fall into. It's a very easy trap to fall into because we're really not taught how to value our time, we're just taught basically to go on market values for what time is worth depending on what you're doing.

Good for companies trying to increase their bottom line, horrible for you who is trying to manifest a life truly worth living!

Ask yourself this question. Is your current pay wage what you think your time is worth? If not, you have some work to do.

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The absolute first thing you need to start doing is valuing your time.

This cuts out a lot of guess work on whether or not you should accept a job based on your current set of skills and hourly pay. This also helps you put time towards thing that actually matter.

Beyond that, if you’d like to create more time (believe it or not, you can create more time), you can follow these 3 simple steps to create more time for yourself to do the things that you really want to be doing.

1: Get up Earlier - Even if it’s just 30 minutes or an hour earlier, getting up slightly earlier gives you a distinct edge in getting things done!

Let’s look at this time over the course of a year.

30 minutes a day x 7 days = 210 minutes

210 minutes x 52 weeks = 10,920 minutes = 182 hours

You created 182 extra hours over the course of a year. It takes about 20 hours to learn a new skill.

That’s roughly 9 new skills

Think about how valuable that is in today's marketplace.....

He who has the skillz, gets the dolla dolla billz.

2: Make a To Do List - To do lists make your thoughts of what you want to do come to life. They are bound to the paper on the page and become more real. When they become more real, you respect them more and begin to prioritize. This gets your wheels turning on maximizing time.

Efficiency in tasks creates more time. When you make dedicated to do lists, you realize that tasks that generally take 8 hours to do in a standard work day can be knocked out with 3-4 hours of focused, dedicated work. Most of the standard 8 hour work day is all fluff, filler, and fooling around. That extra time can now be used for other tasks that will actually bring some good vibes, value, and virtues into your life.

3: Buy a quality time piece - When you find ways to keep up with how numbers change, what and how you keep them in says a lot about how you value it. For example, money. Generally people that value money highly have very nice purses or wallets.


Abundance isn’t associated with raggedy.

If how you keep your money is raggedy, then you likely have a raggedy mindset towards money. A raggedy mindset towards money means you’re more likely to:

*be careless with your money

*undervalue your money

*lose your money

All of these things keep people in a lack mentality.

So it appears that if your timepiece means business, you likely mean business with your time.

If you want to attract an abundance of time, what you associate it with matters. If your main time piece is your phone & your phone isn't generating value, guess what?

It's going to be more likely that you waste time. Those are the facts

You also will not generate value with your time, which is the name of the game with attracting abundance to you. You will be more comfortable wasting it and thus not getting anything accomplished. On a subconscious level, all of these things matter. They seem small, but all of your abundance starts with mindset.

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To recap:

*Get Up Earlier

*Make To-Do Lists

Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope this post gave you some actionable tools to help time be on your side!!

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