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8 Steps to Make an Extra $500-$1000 Monthly From Twitter and Gain 1000+ Followers a Month


At last! A twitter influencer's secret sauce on how to command the attention of millions and turn it into cold, hard, American doll-hairs! Read ahead to get the inside scoop on how a PhD chemist turned online laptop jockey transformed his social media from a time sink into a money pot!


🤑How would you feel with an extra $1000 in your pocket right now?🤑


You would feel great wouldn't you? So great in fact that you can probably think of what you would spend it on right now.


* Catch up on some bills

* Buy some new clothes 

* Go out for a nice dinner

* Buy a couple stocks

* Put some in your savings account


All of these things feel great right?!

Well what if I told you that one of the things that you use everyday is actually costing you the ability to make this extra 1K? Would you believe me?

The fact of the matter is that this thing is so efficient at stealing your time, and ultimately more money, that you probably don't ever notice it.


It's like being bitten by a mosquito in your sleep. You don't know it's happened until you wake up the next day.


And it's itchy, swollen, and uncomfortable.


Much like when you find out what the thing is that is taking all of your money. This pesky thing that you use every single day.


Well what is this hidden expense that no one talks about?


Social media!


You landed on this page from social media more than likely, but you landed here because you want to turn social media into an asset, not a liability.


Are you in the right place to do this though?


Absolutely, and I'll explain why ahead!!



The average person is a 1K expense away from being financially crippled.


That is one car expense.

That is one accident or injury.

And it can ruin you for months.


Social media monetization is a remedy for this.


Social media marketing is such an underdeveloped field and those that catch on to the wave right now are destined to prosper bigly. 


Whether your goal is to make a full-time income or just to have another income stream, social media is a great place to go. The main reason that it's great is that almost everyone has a smartphone.


You have a platform for your ideas that fits in your pocket.


There was a time that you would have to beg and barter to get in front of the right people to get your message heard.


Those days are long gone mi amigo.


We live in a time where you can speak your truth to an audience half way across the world any time you feel like it,


and the fastest platform to do that on is twitter.


Twitter is unique in that several people that are not verified have carved out a space in the e-world of social media. As a matter of fact, many people flock to these experts before they go to the blue check mafia who are often controlled by the interests of others. 


Twitter has truly become a platform of independent media and ideas and getting in on this digital space is highly profitable.




* You have an instant platform

* People will tell others about you if they like you

* You can monetize the traffic easily


Twitter generated 1.99 billion dollars of ad revenue last year.


1 percent of that is 20,000,000 dollars.


In other words, there is much money to be made from this platform by creating your own platform.


"Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue!"

- Andrew Davis


Does this sound appealing to you?


Would you like to tap in to this revenue stream and make some consistent money from being your authentic self?


Do you have knowledge and expertise that you can use to enhance the lives of others?


Would you like to make a significant contribution to the world at large from the palm of your hand?


Could you just use a couple extra dollars in your pocket from something that you'd be doing for free anyway?




I am here to help you!


8 Steps to Make an Extra $500-$1000 Monthly From Twitter and Gain 1000+ Followers a Month is a 1 hour webinar that is broken down into 8 sections designed to help you monetize your twitter and grow your following so that you can get toward more financial independence! This webinar will help you:


✅Find the correct niche

✅Set up a killer bio & tweet schedule

✅Find your niche's influencers & much more!


Click "Download Your Copy Now!" to get started building a new income stream today!

Absolutely stellar. You definitely want to buy this course. It's original and well done.

Thanks for the AMAZING webinar Tanei!

– Cameron S., Web Developer


Why did I create this webinar?

Very good question.

When I graduated from grad school and got my PhD in chemistry, I was unemployed for 6 months.


A terminal degree in STEM was supposed to bring me instant job security.

It was quite the opposite.


The degree brought me more stress since it was so tough for me to find a job. This is a reflection of the times that we're in right now. Things got so bad for me that I had to move back in with my parents.


I had no money, no job, and no hope.


It wasn't until I reached this point that I started trying to find more creative ways of using my idle time on social media to generate income.


The platform that I had the biggest following on was twitter and I decided to try to leverage it using some behind the scenes tips and tricks that I picked up from reading a couple articles and books.


This covert information was a life saver and allowed me to move out of my parent's house in 4 months and get a sweet place in Downtown Atlanta. Now my online products pay for the majority of my living expenses and it's a wonderful feeling.


I came from the bottom and used these techniques to get back to stable footing.


The great thing about what I did is that you don't have to be struggling to use my techniques, you just have to want to do better for yourself,


which I'm sure everyone wants to do especially in the easy, fun, and simple process that I have put it in to.

To start your journey in a sexy, in vogue field of marketing, simply click "Download Your Copy Now!"

People, All I can say is Damn!


Tanei, you are everything I needed this year. Thank you for halting your precious time to give us this valuable gem that I will use forever . This is worth every single 💵. I learned so much info💚

– Cyndi S., Personal Care Product Manufacturer


The webinar is broken down into 8 steps:

💎Step 1: Define Your Niche - 🔑Here I talk about how you pick your niche. Picking your niche is very important to creating an unstoppable twitter brand. The tips and tricks that you get here focuses your message and allows you to get the audience you want versus going to hunt for people to buy what you're selling.

💎Step 2: Become a Master of Your Niche - 🔑This section has behind the scenes info on becoming a master of the niche you pick. When you become a master of something, it allows you to talk about your niche with a quiet confidence. This is crucial to building a focused, engaged following. The more mastery you show over a subject, the more trust you get. This is absolutely necessary to building a great following willing to give you their hard earned cash.

💎Step 3: Create a Product Based on Your Mastery - 🔑This section is where we use what we've been working so hard to master to make a product to sell to other people. Making a product from your mastery gives your buyers confidence that they are getting a great product because they have seen your mastery in real time. No one ever talks about this, but doing this will create loyal buyers.

💎Steps 4-8 are also jam packed with more taboo, but life-changing advice that you can see once you click "Download Your Copy Now!"



Some of the behind the scenes tips and tricks that you will find after you click "Download Your Copy Now" include:

✅ A top secret content schedule that you can use to get maximum engagement from your followers with minimal effort

✅ The n00bie guide to tweet automation that will make your scheduled tweets look like they were posted that day to get better engagement

✅ The blind man's guide to picking profitable social media niches as well as some twitter specific niches that you can monetize

✅ Why social media influencers are your best friends and how you can get them to engage with your content without kissing too much ads

✅ A 3 month plan in PDF form that will teach you how to use this social media exercise to land you a stable job that will pay between 35-50K a year and still keep your new side hustle for less than a quarter of a semester of college tuition

✅ PhD level secrets of how to weave your own personality into your bio to make your handle jump off the page

✅ The essential, can't miss parts of sculpting your twitter page that the average social media goo-roo misses completely

✅ The bizarre, mystical reason why emojis make your profile more fun to look at and engage with

✅ Why microniching is more important than just picking one niche and going broad content if you want to be a cut above

✅ How to combat that average person's content burnout by giving immense value for free that is better than your competitors' paid content

✅ Why learning basic graphic design is key in cheating the character limit so that you can mash the competition by packing each tweet to the brim with value

Below are some selected webinar clips so that you can see the amazing value that you'll be getting when you click "Download Your Copy Now!"

Why Your Bio Matters

How To Find Influencers

Why Microniching is important

Why Automation is necessary

Tanei's twitter webinar contains some of the most actionable advice I've ever seen when it comes to making money from twitter. I've been making money from twitter for a few months now, but had no idea of some of the more specific tactics Tanei is using to absolutely kill it on twitter. Highly recommend his webinar to anyone looking to bring in a couple thousand extra dollars a month in a fun, simple, and fairly easy way.

– Nate S., Online Entrepreneur


So what do you get in this package?

You get the following:

* An hour long video presentation with the steps listed above

* An audio transcript of the video presentation for easy listening on your smartphone

* A PDF version of the powerpoint slide presentation

* A PDF blueprint for landing a social media marketing job if you don't want to be dependent on your personal brand

* A PDF blueprint on how you can tweet about almost anything and still get paid for it


✨As a Special Added Bonus✨

You also get an additional 30 minute webinar on finding twitter influencers absolutely free! 🤑($80 value!)🤑


So you're probably thinking:

🤔 Why should I buy your webinar?

My methods work. It's really that simple. Click my handle for proof > @TJRicks_TSP

🤔 Why is this webinar so expensive?

If you invested a couple hundred bucks into something that made you $12K a year, would you worry about the initial investment? No. You wouldn't. Aren't you worth an investment that grows exponentially over time? Yes!!!

If all this webinar made you was $500 once, it's already worth what you pay for it. This webinar does that and more.

🤔 Will I make $1000+ from twitter tomorrow? 

Doubtful unless you already have a killer product in place already. However, the methods in this webinar, when done consistently will net you a steady income of at least $500 every month once you create your mastery product. From there, your ability to make money is dependent on your ability to sell and market.


🤔 When can I expect to see results?

My methods, when followed to a T, will net you measurable results in a months time *guaranteed*. This is 2 years of analytics and data condensed into an hour!!

🤔 Can I watch this on my phone?

Absolutely! This is a zip file, but if you have a zip extractor app like documents, you can watch the webinar directly from your phone and get the jewels to help your phone start paying for itself!




🤑With this blueprint to monetize your twitter page, you can now change from one of the people that scrolls mindlessly through the timeline to one of the people that influences what the timeline is talking about! This webinar is only for people serious about building a tribe and using it to enhance their life and the lives of their followers.


Act instantly and click 'Download Your Copy Now!' to add yourself to an elite class of twitter influencers today!🤑

20,000+ impressions in 3 days is pretty impressive. The account hasn’t been live for more than 24 hours though. Can’t believe I was using Twitter wrong all these years. Tanei showed me the way.

– Chris L., SEO Wizard

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