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Practical Hacks to the Law of Attraction Using Science, Social Media, and Music


At last! A fresh, new perspective on the mysterious Law of Attraction that uses technology from the modern era! Read ahead to see how your smartphone and social media can help you manifest an out of sight life for yourself!





📱💻 Did you know that the average person wastes 5 years of their life scrolling through social media? 📱💻


⏰Could you imagine what you can do with 5 years worth of time?⏰

✈️You could explore the whole world at least twice over with that time.✈️

🤑You could become an entrepreneur and have complete time and financial freedom to do whatever you want.🤑

⚔️You could become a world class fighter, or maybe even a knight if that's your thing⚔️

📝You could write a book that truly helps people become better while you become better in the process📝

😎You can live a truly great life again😎


But, if you waste that time on social media just doing nothing, you'll never get any of those things & the rub is, you cant get that time back!


Are you ready to use your smartphone to do smart things?📱

Do you want to use your smartphone to reclaim your time and help manifest the life you truly deserve?!📱


Then this ebook is for you!📝


Practical Hacks to the Law of Attraction Using Science, Social Media, and Music is a short ebook designed to help you use the power of your smartphone and social media to begin manifesting the life you want right now!


This guide to manifesting your desires in a busy world is necessary for anyone looking to use their phone to supercharge their manifestations so that they come faster!


Before we get there though, let's ask another question.


✨Have you ever wondered why there is always so much excitement about using the law of attraction to manifest the life you want?✨


Well I’m going to tell you why. 


In fact, I’m going to tell you some things about this wonderful universal law that you’ve probably never heard before. Things that could possibly help you start manifesting a great life as early as today. 


And some things that might just stop you from trying to use this law ever again. So please read these words carefully.


Every word is true and it has taken me the better part of 9 months to find out what I am now going to reveal to you! Read on!


As you probably already know, the law of attraction is one of 12 universal laws. It translates to “that which is like itself.” 


You see unlike leaving things up to random chance, the law of attraction is *always working in a certain direction* even when we aren’t aware of it. This means that we can reach in and use this law to our advantage at any given time.


☠️On the other hand, leaving things up to chance basically means you have no control.☠️


There will be a ton of different things that can happen and things at play. This means that leaving things up to chance will never give you a set outcome.


This sounds simple enough, but here’s what this really means. 


If you leave things up to chance instead of taking advantage of the law of attraction, then you have to truly be lucky to manifest the life that you want. 


And when I say lucky I mean 28 magic leprechauns, 8 rabbit’s feet, 35 horseshoes and whatever other lucky things you can think of. You need all of these things because the odds are truly stacked against you.


Let’s look at an example.


Murphy’s Law states that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. 


Let’s say you start off on the wrong side of the bed and you have a flat tire. Well according to this law, that means that you are destined for every bad thing possible happening to you that can happen because of a flat tire. 


🤬Being late for work

🤬Losing your job

🤬Not being able to pick someone up on time, the list goes on. 


This is even proven in science that things in the universe want to be disorganized, or in other words, random and left up to chance! This is why the Law of Attraction is so important!


🧐To use the law of attraction, you simply need to pay attention to how the law works and develop a skillful ability to set good intentions.🧐


This is why the law of attraction is the most popular of all of the universal laws. It is a law of skill and, if you are good enough, you can honestly manifest a killer life for yourself guaranteed!


For this reason, law of attraction books and courses have been sold for as little as $10 and as much as $3000. I know. 


I have purchased them all. 


Many of these systems are extremely complex. They have been developed by millionaires, master healers, and professors with high-tech, computer like minds.


In practice and research I’ve discovered that to successfully use these systems, you either need to have a bulletproof mind, or be constantly writing down your intentions for the day when something goes wrong. And that is just ridiculous! 


With how fast paced our world is today, there’s simply no way that you have time to stop and write every time you get off course. And those people fortunate enough to be born with a bulletproof mind end up working some kind of “super-job” that gives them all the money and the best life they could possibly want. 


So for the average person, many of these systems are not even worth the paper they are printed on.


That’s why I developed my own practical guide to hacking the law of attraction.


It actually took me several months and lots of mistakes to make this a guaranteed winner, but we made it and it was definitely worth it! 


I took all the expensive and complex systems available on today’s market and created a simple, easy to follow system that quite honestly turns you into a manifesting super magnet! There are no weirdo rituals and crystals you have to buy. 


📱The only thing you use is your smartphone!📱


It’s simple and straight forward. It tells you exactly what things you need to use to manifest what you want quickly and for a lifetime! 


To get this life changing guide now, all you have to do is simply click "Download Your Copy Now!"


Tanei's Practical Hacks to the Law of Attraction got me pumped!!! I’m ready to start manifesting on another level. My favorite part is the Physics and Chemistry section. Made me feel like I was back in school again 🙌🏾

Mykia T., Entrepreneur



This ebook is broken down into 2 different sections including:


Section 1: The Science of the Law of Attraction


👨🏾‍🔬 The Chemistry and Physics Behind the Law of Attraction:

- Many people don't realize how much science actually goes into the law of attraction. This section is dedicated to helping you understand how chemistry and physics prove that the law of attraction is real. It also uses these fields of study to explain how the law of attraction works with our cells, our DNA, and different sound waves. This is a truly unique take on the law of attraction!


There are other science topics related to the Law of Attraction that are discussed including the sun, proteins, and DNA that you get access to as soon as you click "Download Your Copy Now!"


Section 2: Turning Your Smartphone Into a Manifesting Super Magnet


📱 How Social Media Affects Your Manifestations:

- Social media is here to stay and we should learn how to use it effectively instead of just as a time sink. Social media sites such as instagram and pinterest can help us visualize the kind of life that we want. If you know anything about the law of attraction, you know that visualization is important to creating the life that you want. Social media is a potent shortcut to creating an out of sight life for yourself!


🎧 Using Music to Supercharge Your Visualization:

- Music has been shown many times to affect our moods. Specifically, with the law of attraction, things tend to come to us faster when we feel good while thinking about them. There are some simple ways to organize music in your phone so that you can get brilliant manifestations! There are several tips and tricks in this section to help you use music to manifest at max levels!


✨As a Special Added Bonus✨

You get 40 free Good Morning Affirmations that you can use to start your day on the right foot. ($5 value)


But wait, there's more! I've also included a talk on Abundance Mindset that I recently did for the Men of Character conference that is now over. This exclusive interview is an hour long and cannot be seen anywhere else! I'm including it here for free! ($99 value)


There also a 50% off coupon at the end of the book for your first LoA Life Coaching Consult with me that essentially makes this book FREE! ($75 value!)

Click "Download Your Copy Now!" to get these killer tips and tricks so that you can boost your attrackshun powers instantly today!

I’ve read and listened to all kind of LoA material. But this guide has PRACTICAL advice I’m able to do immediately.

I manifested my dream truck a month after I bought this ebook and used these techniques.

Elise B., Web Developer



✨Evergreen Ebook✨

This ebook will be evergreen until it reaches at minimum 20,000 words!


It is currently at 10.2K and will continue to be updated until the 20K mark is reached!


This also means that there will be a 20% price increase at every update so don't delay getting your copy! . 


Every time you skip clicking "Download Your Copy Now!", you risk having to pay more on each new release so don't get left behind when it's something you can easily prevent!


100s of people have already bought this ebook and they continue to manifest great lives for themselves with it!


I loved it! Thank you! I'm actually going to read it again today

Stefania P., Online Entrepreneur



At this point you might be thinking:


🧐 How do I know this stuff works?

- There are literally hundreds of thousands of hours of Law of Attraction advice that people have used to attract the life they want. This ebook is no different. It uses the same blueprint with some updates for our current time.


🧐 So what are these updates and why are they special?

- I'm glad you asked. Since I have a PhD in chemistry and I'm an authority on science, I break down the Law of Attraction scientifically to compare energy to manifestation and attraction in an easy to understand and practical way. No one is teaching LoA like I am because no one understands it on the scientific level like I do.


🧐 How do I know this isn't like all of the other LoA stuff?

- Excellent question. How many people teaching LoA do you know that have a PhD in anything let alone chemistry?? This alone gives me a unique view on LoA that I guarantee will change the way you think about science, LoA, and how you can draw abundance into your life using social media. I also give you my full personality which is unique in itself. I not only wanna help you get the live you truly deserve, I want you to have some laughs along the way. This isn't just great info, its great infotainment!😎


👨🏾‍🔬📱🎧With this life changing ebook, you can now see your smartphone as a solution, not a problem! Act instantly and click "Download Your Copy Now!" to add yourself to an elite class of manifesters on the go while this book is at the lowest price ever!👨🏾‍🔬📱🎧

I always see people talk about the law of attraction, how many people have you seen give practical and actionable applications? This is the book you need to really apply it.

@_moneymikes, Musician

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