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LEarn the Secret Tips and tricks that a Phd Chemist Uses to make the entire universe bend to his will at will!

What if I told you that you are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime?


A journey so deep, so transformative, that nobody will recognize who you've become.


I'm offering you the chance of a lifetime to learn the secrets that the universe has waiting for you when you tap into one of the most powerful of the universal laws, the Law of Attraction.


Many people think that the universal laws are pseudoscience.




My daily emails will prove to you beyond the shadow of a doubt that not only is this law very real, you can use a science based approach that will not only give you a greater understanding of the world around you, it will give you a greater understanding of yourself as well.


This is nothing like you've been taught anywhere else. These tips and tricks are supercharged by the mind of a PhD chemist that has the wit and humor of a world class comic.


If you're looking for the dry, rehashed law of attraction "see-krets" taught by some spiritual hustler that bought a couple of dollar store crystals and became "enlightened," you're in the wrong place.




If you're ready to embark on this journey of the bizarre, but awesome take on the law of attraction using actual factual chemistry, physics, and biology with a smidgen of good entertainment, enter your email address below and click "Subscribe Now!"


Tanei Ricks, PhD, Bio-Organic Chemistry

University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Class of  2017

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