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Lola and Doe


What if I told you that 85% of the conventional body care products that we use are packed with poison?


There are poisons lurking in your favorite soap, shampoo, and body oil that cause many diseases and hormonal disorders like cancer, autoimmune diseases, and low testosterone.

Many of these things are likely on your shelf right now, making it hard for you to lose weight, stay focused, get a good night's sleep, gain muscle mass, or worse, causing a terminal illness.

Even worse, in some instances, there are no guidelines for these poisons being in your products. Companies dress up poisons with covert names like "fragrance" to hide the fact that they are purposefully using chemicals that they know are poison. There's a long history of companies poisoning you for profit, so this shouldn't surprise you, but that doesn't mean that you have to accept it.

You see, there are companies out here that want to do the right thing. Companies that want you to have access to safe, toxin free products so that you're not poisoning yourself and the people you care about.

Companies that are actively interested in your well being that want to connect with you.

I happen to know one of these companies personally and I'm a proud affiliate for them.

I'm connecting you with them here. Why?

Simply put, you shouldn't have to worry about whether or not the things that you wash with daily are killing you secretly.


Lola and Doe is a small business priding themselves on delivering 100% all natural, organic, handmade, artisanal goods to you. Their products are 100% free of the following toxins that you're currently poisoning yourself with:






*Other Xenoestrogens

They offer a wide selection of the following:

*Soap Bars

*Face Masks

*Body Scrubs

*Liquid Castile Soaps

*Body Oils

Before we get too far though, read ahead to learn about their story and why they are committed to bringing you toxin free products that you can be proud of!


It was Christmas of 2014.

Among the love and gifts given and received by a family celebrating the holiday, "DOE" wrote "Lola" a Christmas card. At the bottom of the card it read "Lola & Doe 4 Ever" in block letters. Around this same time, Lola had began researching and learning more about the benefits of living a more holistic lifestyle, and the health issues that come with consuming some very well known brands everyday, especially pertaining to children and babies.

One of Lola's friends expressed her deepest fear.

"What if I'm killing my baby and I don't know it? I just couldn't live with myself if that happened."

As a mother herself and with her friends expecting bundles of joy of their own, she took it upon herself to begin creating organic, toxin and preservative free alternatives to the products that parents bought for their babies like soaps, body butters, and powders.

LolaAndDoe.Com opened its digital doors April 20th, 2015 and since then have been proud to add to changing the lives and minds of hundreds of men, women, and children, about their body care.


As an ethically balanced and value based family, Lola & DOE work together to create, evolve, and grow their business to cater to as many homes as possible that are looking to live an all natural, toxin free lifestyle. 


Lola & Doe have dedicated their lives to providing the highest quality goods and very best customer service possible. Our products are for all genders, color, shapes, sizes, ages and complexions.


We are firm believers that nature is universal and without limitations.


When you shop with Lola & Doe you can rest assured that your body care is worry free.

Lola And Doe


Wouldn't you like to protect your family from the toxins lurking in conventional body care products?


Wouldn't you like to be able to explore the world and not worry about whether or not you're secretly being poisoned


Don't you want to be able to enjoy time with friends without the chemicals in your soap making you sleepy and unfocused?

Then click the button below to get started on a journey to a happy, healthy, toxin free life!

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