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Universal Law 101: a Practical Primer to Matrix Law

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Here it is! The only guide to the Universal Laws that shows you how to use them practically! This is the key to getting all that you desire. Read ahead to see what has been hiding from you in plain sight!

"Great insight into the universal laws!

Was impressed with how it was broken down simply without taking away from the value. Tanei offers exercises to help you utilize the laws and further your understanding.

This was the dopest part of the course for me. The actionable advice from the "the law of compensation" exercise is mad useful. Basic but USEFUL! Will definitely be meditating on what this course mentions for a while."

– Effar R.

This Can Be You!

Have you ever thought that there was more out there?

Where? In the universe of course.

You're daydreaming at your desk.

You have a great job. You have a nice place. You get paid well.

But things are missing....

Maybe a significant other to share breathtaking moments with
Maybe a family to  protect, provide for, and lead
Maybe a challenge that pushes you to become greater than even you can imagine

You can't quite put your finger on it, but somewhere inside you feel restless. Why?

Life is boring!

You did everything you were supposed to do and got everything that you were supposed to get because of it.

Except for purpose. That "it" that makes you wake up ready to find deeper meaning in your day.

Every day you ask yourself


"is this really it? Is there not more? Am I missing something?"

You always hear that you're in a matrix, a computer simulation. Yeah, that's cool to think about, but what does that even mean?

Also, why is it important? I mean, why do you need to know what you're in?

I'll tell you why if you read ahead.

You see, spaces have rules that they are made with. If you're driving down the road, you have to have a license to do so legally.

The road has laws.
Your job that you worked hard to get, but hardly work at now has rules.
Your gym has rules for the equipment that you lug around everyday.
Your pre-made dinner has rules to prepare it before you veg out on the latest episodes of whatever is on netflix.

You follow them every day without question.

Yet, when have you ever stopped to think about the universal laws?

Aren't they important too? Yes!

Would you get in your car and drive without a valid license? NO!

OR you would go to jail. Yet, you get up every day and try to move through this matrix without knowing the laws and how to use them.

That is a recipe for certain disaster.

And it may be something you're seeing already but can't explain...

You say to yourself:

Why do I feel so down?
Ugh, I spent how much at the bar this weekend?
Why is she playing games with me?
Why won't he commit?
Will I ever find someone that is right for me?

No matter what people tell you to do, you can't get ahead.

Why? Because you don't know how universal laws work!

Is this making sense to you now?

I hope so because you don't have to be lost. You can figure this out, and if you read ahead, then you can figure it out fast!

" I can't say enough how much I appreciate the work you did compiling this course on universal laws.

To attempt to detail all that the course has done to improve my life would make this unbearable to read, while also practically giving major content pieces away free of charge, so I will do my best to keep this down to two main things.

From the first section about the Law of Divine Oneness I could tell the information was essential.

I've always seen the divine energy in all things, yet now I am even more cognizant of it and much slower to belittle or insult, as I now see my own energy before doing so.

I also used to expend way too much energy worrying over things I had little to no control over, and have since redirected this energy into my own endeavors, conceding to let people realize things on their own time.

The information on the yin/yang symbol was also very insightful. I feel this is extremely vital information for people today, as gender dynamics in relationships today are terribly askew.

Anyone failing to adhere to the laws that come into play there will undoubtedly feel like an unwelcome guest in their own flesh at some point.

So yeah, thanks again, and please,

Keep the content coming."

– Chaz J.

What if I told you that knowing how to use Universal Laws is the key to getting all you want?...

Would you believe me? You should because it is.

And I'm here to show you how to practically use these laws to make a better life for yourself!

Universal Law 101: A Practical Primer to Matrix Law is a course designed to help you go through the matrix with ease, the way it's intended to be.

Gone are the days when you can't figure out how to be good to yourself.

Gone are the days when no matter how hard you try, things just fall apart for you.

Gone are the days when you can't make the connections you need to have the relationships you want.

You can feel great in your own skin.

You can hold your life and everyone else's together with ease.

You can have the relationships that take your breath away.

To get started working with the matrix and not against it, simply click "Download Your Copy Now!"



Here's what you'll get to transcend into your new life of purpose:

  1. Universal Law 101 - The Webinar: This hour-long webinar goes through all 12 important universal laws. It teaches you how to use them so that you can transform your life practically with assistance from the matrix.

  2. Law Exercises: There are 4 exercises specific to four of the universal laws such as polarity and correspondence. You can use these exercises to practice using these laws to your advantage to create the reality that you want.

  3. PDF Transcripts: All powerpoint slides used throughout the coursework are available as PDF transcripts so that you can easily follow along with videos at your own pace!


Course Bonus Videos ($143 Value for Free.99, Cannot be Seen Anywhere else!)

  1. Yin/Yang and Polarity: This short video explains the yin/yang symbol and deeper meanings. It also relates the mystical symbol to polarity and how you can use it practically.

  2. Sexual Transmutation: This short video explains how you can practically change sexual energy into different forms. If you're feeling unmotivated to finish a task, sexual energy is an underrated shortcut to getting it done.

  3. Pain and Vibrations: In this video, I uncover the deeper meanings in pain and vibration. I talk about how your trauma is blocking your healing and also making the organs in your body vibrate lower.

  4. Using The Law of Attraction to Make New Habits: In this recently added section, I show you how to use the Law of Attraction plus suggestive programming to make good, new habits. If you're having trouble sticking to that new workout plan, that new step goal, or crossing everything off your to-do list for the day, the secret tips and tricks in this section will transform your life guaranteed!

3 Course Strategy Calls ($450 Value for Free.99)

Did you get to a part of the course that you just need some extra help on? Is something not clear to you or you need more examples? Well, you get exclusive access to me via 3 one hour video calls! We can talk about anything course related on these calls as it relates to content, structure, and examples. Any kind of help you need, you can get here. These strategy calls *alone* pay for the cost of the course!


What will you discover?

Sure. You probably know diddly about universal law.

That's ok.

Because by the time you are done with this course, you will be able to make the universe bend to your will. Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

Come through my noob proof program and learn some of the behind the scenes info that no one else is talking about.


Some of the behind the scenes tips and tricks that you will find after you click "Download Your Copy Now" include:

✅ Marshawn Lynch's favorite universal law

✅ The taboo universal law the Illuminati use to scare you silly

✅ Why you don't have to be a good person to make a lot of money

✅ Why No Nut November is the best time to get work done

✅ The hidden connection between trauma and disease

✅ How to keep your vibration high when everything around you is low

✅ Why the Law of Attraction isn't the only law that matters

✅ The two ways you can use polarity to gain villainous wealth

✅ How Donald Trump can bring you whatever you want even though he doesn't know you

✅ What wheels and erections have in common

✅ Why problems are a good thing and a sexy way to find them


✅ How to put the Action in Attr(Action)


✅ The powerful trick to using fractals to make sense of everything around you


✅ How Sir Isaac Newton's motion in the ocean relates to the universe


✅ What law is basically "F*** You, Pay Me"


✅ The 3 essential parts of attracting


✅ Why there is no such thing as misalignment


✅ How everything is relative to what you are used to


✅ The secret thing that waves, seasons, and rap beats share


An obvious reason why creation only comes through the masculine and feminine coming together


And much much more!

Below are some selected webinar clips so that you can see the amazing value that you'll be getting when you click "Download Your Copy Now!"


Using the Law of Compensation

How to Use the Law of Vibration

Using the Law of Attraction to Make New Habits

Sexual Transmutation and Work

"I used horary by myself for the first time and I’m really excited about it so I want to share!

I really wanted to purchase Universal Law 101 but was conflicted on spending the $ so I used horary to ask

'if I buy this, will it actually help me?'

And got this.

The asc (me) ruler is in the 9th house... meaning that this knowledge will most definitely expand my mind and yes, I will learn a lot.

10th house ruler, mars, (ACTION) is in the 10th house. This could help me with my career and I have a big job interview coming up in two weeks!!

Lastly, the 2nd house ruler (possessions/what I’m buying) is in the 8th house of occult/secrets. This is definitely one of a kind knowledge that I can only learn from this webinar... so... I bought it (So excited! )"

– Veronica B.


So you're probably thinking....

🤔 Why should I buy your course?

My methods work. It's really that simple. The scientific perspective that I use will help you discover that not only are these laws very real, knowing how they affect you is essential to living a good life


🤔 Why is this course so expensive?

If you invested a couple hundred bucks into something that brought you priceless things like


*Great friends

*The perfect spouse

*A beautiful family

*A true life purpose


The happiness and fulfillment that you would uncover would make you forget about any price that you've paid. Why? Because you can't put a price on intentionally creating the perfect life for you! You also can't buy any of the things above. You have to find them. You need the tools and that's what this course is. You're stealing the keys to happiness from me for $2 a day. Small price to pay for your lasting happiness right?​


🤔 How Much Access Will You have to Me Throughout the Course?

You have 3 free consults that come with the course purchase as well as being able to ask me any questions you want to about the course via email. This will ensure that you have the highest chance for success possible! Consults can be scheduled at any time.


🤔 Can I watch this on my phone?

Absolutely! This is a zip file, but if you have a zip extractor app like documents, you can watch the webinar directly from your phone and get the jewels to help you discover your new life today!




You have the status. What you're searching for is a deeper meaning. Something that helps you make sense of why you're here.

You can go from lost to aware of all that life has to offer you outside of the BS that everyone else is fed. You can live a life truly worth remembering and you can force the universe to help you.

To learn this life-changing information and more, simply click "Download Your Copy Now!" to get started!

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