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3 Simple Steps to Maximizing the Law of Attraction and Escaping Mediocrity - Guided Course

3 Simple Steps to Maximizing the Law of

Finally! Some one is teaching the Law of Attraction in a sexy, reinvigorated way that includes technology and new insights from today! No more rehashed junk from the 80s taught by people living out of a dusty, rusty RV. Read ahead to learn how A PhD chemist finds the secrets of the universe hidden in plain sight! 

Have you ever thought to yourself that there's more to life than what you're doing every day?


You come home. Eat dinner. Think back on your day for a little bit. If you have a family, you ask your kids about their day and ask your partner how their day was.


You shower, go to bed, then wake up and do it all over again.


Going to a job you're not in love with.

Staying in a relationship that you've outgrown.

Stuck in the same friend cycle since high school.


Anytime you show even the slightest hint of progress you have people around you telling you that you've changed or you're being too serious.


You're stuck in a cycle of deadly mediocrity.


And the worst part is that you don't know how to live your life any differently....


Imagine this...


You sit up in your bed in the morning with a smile on your face excited for what the day brings.




You started that new podcast.

You started that new weight loss plan.

You finally talked to the cute girl that eyes you at the grocery store.

You finally got the courage to ask for the promotion that you knew you deserved at work.

You finally started your own business or side hustle to supplement your lifestyle


Then you wake up...

And realize that you've started doing none of these things.

Your life is in the same shambles that it was in when you went to sleep the night before.


Content with your lot in life because you think you can't do any better.


Well, my friend. It simply does not have to be this way.


You don't have to live with this feeling of dread every time you see someone get what you think you should have.


The nice car.

The nice home.

The great job.

The nice clothes.


You deserve all of these things and more, but only if you believe that you do.


🤔Do you wish that you could get the hidden secrets to the universe so that you can manifest a killer life for yourself?


📝Then I have just the course for you!


My guided course, 3 Simple Steps to Maximizing the Law of Attraction and Escaping Mediocrity, is designed to help you manifest the life of your dreams!


The Law of Attraction is a simple, yet hard law to master that controls much of our daily lives. This course will give you hidden tips and tricks that no one else talks about so that you can use this powerful law to create a beautiful life for yourself. These insider tactics will give you the tools needed so that you can truly experience a sexy, bold life! 


Click "Download Your Copy Now!" to get started immediately with learning these underground techniques to instantly improve your life guaranteed!



No matter how good things got for me. I always held myself back from fully experiencing my vision. However, Tanei's course gave me a few things which showed me how to level up my thinking. And now my life is already leveling up as a result.


Get this course if you're ready to level up.

Dylan M., Author


How am I so confident in this course?


This course was written from my personal struggles that I overcame using the powerful Law of Attraction. 


I was dead broke, depressed, lost, and hopeless.


Getting a PhD in chemistry was supposed to put me on top of the world, but it only caused me to sink to the bottom after I realized what I had given up. I was unemployed for 7 months after I graduated.


I felt worthless.


Much like how you feel on a daily basis because your life makes you feel anxious. Anxious that you don't have it all figured out. Everyone else is just enjoying life around you while you can't seem to feel comfortable, at ease, and satisfied to save your life. 


💀Your personal relationships are stressful and unstable. 

💀Your relationship with money is disastrous. 

💀Your connection with your spirit is tragic and it shows every time you are near somebody. 


If you are tired of living this way, then click "Download Your Copy Now!" so that you can get all of the methods that I used to overcome:

💀 Past Trauma

💀 Victimhood Mindset

💀 Lack of Action


Get yours now! Concise course with exercises/techniques, self-reflections, and assessments that really help you apply what you are learning! The voice memos are the cherry on top allowing you to really connect with the material. I LOVE the fact that I can feel connected to the material and the content creator. Super impactful!

Suheri R., Student


What Is Included:


This course has 3 working sections 


💎Brain Retraining: 🔑This section is dedicated to getting you to the right mind state to manifest a good life. Did you know that the average human has over 80 thousand negative thoughts a day??!!! It's a wonder that we can even get good things accomplished in our lives with that much negativity coming from us. The tools you learn in this section will help you with getting rid of those negative thoughts so that you can attract abundance and positivity to you!


💎Deliberate Manifesting: 🔑 This section is dedicated to teaching you how to deliberately manifest. The law of attraction is great, but it needs you to put in some action. This section will teach you how to use many tools to manifest the life of your dreams deliberately such as:





💎Receiving: 🔑 This section is dedicated to helping you receive the manifestations that you've been asking for. the universe holds all of the things that you ask for until you are ready to receive them. Common things that stop people from being able to receive are:

💀 Past Trauma

💀 Victimhood Mindset

💀 Lack of Action


This section gives you the tools necessary to receive all that you are holding in your mind by overcoming these obstacles! There is also a resource section so that you can do your own research after taking the course. 


✨As a Special Added Bonus✨


There is also a 50% off coupon included for your first LoA Life Coaching Consult with me! ($75 value!)

You also get a copy of my webinar on 8 Simple Ways to Use The Law of Attraction to Manifest More Money Into Your Life. ($93 value for FREE!)


This webinar will help you:

✅Change your mindset about money so that you can see it as a good thing

✅See that money is positive if you make it positive

✅See money everywhere in all things so that it can come to you easily


This is a 50 minute webinar that you can watch easily from your smartphone or on desktop to change your mindset about money instantly so that it can flow to you like water!


The webinar is broken down into 8 sections:


💎Section 1: Believe That Money is Everywhere - 🔑Here I talk about some things that you can do to see money everywhere. The techniques are very simple and effective to have you draw money like a magnet. The internet makes this incredibly easy and I give you a couple of tips on how to turn the internet into a money tree.


💎Section 2: Find Abundance Within Your Mind - 🔑This section talks about finding true abundance within your mind. All money making comes from your mind first. If you don't have an abundance mindset, you will never attract money to you. You will always attract poverty. This section gives you some tips and tricks like keeping abundant things like plants and crystals around you to make more abundance.


💎Section 3: Develop Money Making Habits - 🔑This section is where we put the action in the law of attr(action). Developing money making habits is key to manifesting more money. I go over several things that you can do to develop money making habits. The best part is that many of these things can be done from your smartphone instantly!!!


💎Sections 4-8 are also jam packed with life-changing advice that you can see once you click "Download Your Copy Now!" and claim your course instantly!


In total you get:


*Guided Law of Attraction Course (Voice Guided Powerpoint Presentation, 2 worksheets, resources)
*Law of Attraction and Money Webinar (which is no longer available anywhere, $71 Value) *50% off LoA Consult coupon
*Exclusive hour and
20 minute webinar from the Men of Character Conference (only available to MoC subscribers, $100 value)

Within this value packed download you'll learn:

*The smoldering hawt way that you can release current and past life traumas that are currently haunting you

*A super simple method you can use to strengthen your support system so that they are always there for you when you need them

behind the scenes look at all of the books and resources that I recommend so that you can be a master manifester and find your happiness

*The bizarre number of negative thoughts that you have in a day and how to stop them from derailing your day

*The hidden reason why you don't want to let go of your victimhood mindest and how you're likely stuck under it now.

*How your mind is like a sewage plant and how you can clean up the dirty water that is your negative thoughts

*How to find the hidden obstacles that are currently holding you back from manifesting everything that you want

*The obvious lesson to retraining your brain that would make Lieutenant Dan get up and dance

*The 4 secret pillars you can use to manifest quickly, efficiently, and abundantly

*How to journal in a way that guarantees that you'll never have a bad day again


To be honest, Tanei's course might just heal your entire life. If you’re having trouble manifesting the life you want, I highly suggest it!

Ayana the Oracle, Host of Tea For Dinner


At this point you might be thinking:


🤔 How do I know this stuff works?

- There are literally hundreds of thousands of hours of Law of Attraction advice that people have used to attract the life they want.


This course is no different. It uses the same blueprint with some confidential updates for our current time. No one talks about how technology has changed our ability to manifest.


This course gives you these concealed tactics to put you a cut above the rest of the people using LoA.


🤔 So what are these updates and why are they special?

- I'm glad you asked. since I have a PhD in chemistry and I'm an authority on science, I break down the Law of Attraction scientifically in an easy to understand and practical way.


No one is teaching LoA like I am because no one understands it on the scientific level like I do.


🤔 Why is this course so expensive?

-If you invested a couple hundred buckaroos into something that would give you the peace of mind and stability needed so that you can manifest anywhere, at any time, would you worry about the initial investment?


No, because you'd get it back in no time at all! Aren't you worth an investment that grows exponentially over time? 


🤔 What comes in this course package?

- This magical course is a voice guided powerpoint presentation with 5 sections, 3 of them being workbook style sections.


Each section has guided points and exercises to work through at the end. There are also 2 worksheet pdfs that you can make copies of to practice the principles learned as much as you'd like so that you can start making miracles in no time.


🤔 How do I know this isn't like all of the other LoA stuff?

- Excellent question. How many people teaching LoA do you know that have a PhD in anything let alone chemistry?? 


This alone gives me a unique view on LoA that I guarantee will change the way you think about manifesting, LoA, and how you can draw abundance into your life.



I also give you my behind the scenes full personality which is unique in itself. I not only wanna help you get the life you deserve, but I also want you to have some laughs along the way. 

This isn't just great info, its great infotainment!😎


Click "Download Your Copy Now!" to get started with manifesting the life you want!



"The material in this course is incredible. It’s easy to understand & you can put what you learn into practice today! 

I HIGHLY recommend purchasing this if you’re ready to take control of your life & start manifesting like a prothank you Tanei! 🙏🏽

Jazmine S., Owner of Wellness With Jaz

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