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The Case for Journaling

The best way to know where you're going is writing about it daily.

Journaling is a very underrated way of crafting the life that you want. It is an extremely deliberate practice and requires you to be focused on your desires or recalling your experiences from the day. Depending on what time you journal, you are utilizing distinct energies from the universe. Personally, I like to journal in the mornings without fail and then I’ll periodically journal at night before I go to bed. Let me present a case for why you should incorporate journaling into your daily routine.

1) A Clearly Defined Purpose: It's much easier for your day to stay on track when you have plotted your course within your subconscious. With the myriad of distractions that we face daily, it is becoming increasingly harder to stay focused on our objectives. Starting your day with writing down what you want to happen makes it much more likely that it actually will happen.

2) Starting Your Day With Positivity: Journaling gives you the opportunity to start your day with deliberate positivity. I like to equate journaling to writing my order to the universe and I order many things daily. When I write my order, I make sure that I include positive affirmations about myself that will sculpt my mindset for the day. Starting the day with a positive mindset is huge in today's society with the rampant exposure to negativity via all forms of media.

3) Dissipate Negativity Accumulated From Your Day: If you opt to write later in the day as well, it is likely you will have encountered some negativity throughout your day. Journaling gives you the chance to be honest about those feelings and get them out so that you're not holding on to them needlessly. Negativity breeds more negativity and the sooner you can get those feelings out, the better for your mood and your ability to attract positivity.

4) Being More Present: When you journal, you actually have to process your thoughts and feelings then bring them forth to manifest on your paper. This practice makes you slow down and actually feel and observe what you are thinking. With the increasing busyness of our lives, it is necessary to be able to stop and smell the roses so to speak. Journaling helps with this. When you're more present and less self-absorbed, it makes you easier to communicate with and more likable overall.

5) A Record of What Works and What Doesn't: Writing about your days or how you want your days to go gives you an archive of information that you can cross reference with your current life situation. If your life isn't what you want it to be currently, you can look directly at your journal and see where you went wrong. Maybe you are not being specific in your universal orders. Maybe you find yourself being upset about the same things everyday when recounting the events of your day. These are all things you can quickly glean from your journal so that you can do the necessary course correction.

All of these are excellent reasons to start journaling. After all, a deliberate life is an elite life.

I appreciate you reading this. Be courageous today!

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