The Ultimate Primer to Universal Law

Did you know that you break the law every day?

It's not intentional of course. At least I don't think it is.

Why? Because you're probably not even aware that the laws that you're breaking exist. What laws are they?

Universal laws.

The downside is that when you break them, unexplainable things start happening to you that you think are normal.

*Break ups


*Emotional outburst

*Job Loss

You chalk it up to "that's life. It happens," but what if there were something that you could've done to prevent it?

You wouldn't knowingly leave that on the table would you?

I doubt it and if you're ready to see how knowledge of the universal laws can transform your life completely, continue reading ahead.


Everyone knows me as King Ding-a-ling of the law of attraction. I suppose there are worse things to be known as. Murderer comes to mind. Recently though, I got a question from a long time follower that went a little something like this. "You know all of this stuff about the law of attraction. Are there any other laws that we should be aware of?" Of course. Why wouldn't there be right? "Well, why don't you talk about them?" *crickets* That got me to thinking "well maybe I should talk more about other universal laws. I mean clearly, people wanna hear about them and there's only so many times that I can make bad law of attraction puns. It's time to make bad puns about other universal laws now."

Ahead you will learn about the 12 Laws of the Universe from different stories and uncommon places. They are divided into the following sections:

1) Why Tesla Makes the Best Vibrators (Law of Vibration)

2) R. Kelly's Ironclad Way to Stay out of Jail (Law of Compensation)

3) The Rise of the Killer Agender Attack Helicopter (Law of Gender)

4) Why the Law of Attraction is Trash (Law of Attraction and Law Stacking)

5) Why Everything is Relative to What You Know (Law of Relativity)

6) How to Stop the Stabbing Pain of Goodbyes (Law of Divine Oneness)

7) What Blackout Drunkenness Can Teach You About Universal Law (Law of Cause and Effect)

8) How Racist Cookies Are Related to Polarity (Law of Polarity)

9) Why It Pays to be Illuminaughty (Law of Correspondence)

10) What Sex, Stars and Apple Pie Have In Common (Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy)

11) What Disney Movies and Universal Law Have in Common (Law of Rhythm)

12) Marshawn Lynch's Universal Alignment Plan (Law of Action)