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The Secret Social Media Platform That Can Help You Visualize What You Want to Attract

Tap into the power of pinterest to help your law of attraction visualization get the boost it deserves!

Many people today still do not realize the power of the internet when mixed intentionally with the law of attraction. This blog post will inform you of some super secret visualization tech that you can use with a website that is touted as "only for soccer moms" to manifest a killer life for yourself!


Before we dive into this behind the scenes social media platform that you can use to visualize every thing your grubby little heart desires, let’s talk about what visualization is and why it is important.

Visualization is the process of creating images mentally showing you engaging in a specific activity or reaching your goals that you’ve set for yourself.

There are many visualization techniques available and your success depends on which resonates with you the best, but the best visualizations engage all 5 senses: taste, touch, smell, sound, and sight.

Visualization is used as a means to program your brain to be comfortable with what you’re trying to accomplish. This is important because your mind is risk averse. It wants to keep you out of harm's way.

Visualization is also important because it fuels your inspiration to create what you see, it makes you feel more confident that you will get what you see, and it puts you in a state of calm where you’re not stressing over how your goals will be accomplished.

If you can see it, then you can be it.

When your inspiration is high, so is your creative power. When you’re in the mindstate to create and you have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish, it’s much more likely that you will manifest this into being using the law of attraction. When you’re more confident that you will achieve your goals, this also means that your creative power is high.


Confidence also radiates outward to the other people that are in your life. They become positively affected by what is in your mind, which is very transformative on many levels. When you’re in a state of calm, fear is absent, which is one of the main things that actually keeps people away from the things they desire most.

Calm tells others that you have full faith in the outcome of a situation.

This means that you are focused on what you want, not the absence of what you want. Fear and stress means you are focused on absence, which will continue to manifest in your life. Keeping calm means you’re being receptive.

Things that people commonly do to help visualize what they want are creating vision (dream boards), writing daily affirmations, scripting in an appreciation journal, and meditation on the life they desire.

All of these things are great assets to the visualization process and can be used to shape your reality into what you want it to be.


Social media is a huge help to the visualization process. Your smartphone is plugged in to a sea of information in the internet. This means that you have millions if not billions of images available to you to manifest a truly great life.

The best part is that with the portability of your smartphone, you can get the visualization process poppin on the go at any time on the go.

Train commutes, flights, and waiting for your food or drink in a restaurant or bar setting are all opportunities for you to use your smartphone to visualize a better future for yourself. You need only to realize that this opportunity is available to you as long as your smartphone powers on and connects to the almighty innanets.

So what's the super secret website that you can use to get your visualization game on a hunnid?

It's quite pin-teresting.

Dismissed as a site that's only for soccer moms and nursing home dropouts, Pinterest is one of the best social media sites for visualization techniques.

How you say?

Read ahead and you will learn yung grasshoppa.


Pinterest is an excellent visualization tool for the law of attraction. It’s called a “visual discovery tool” and is a bit of an oddball in the realm of social media. The site was founded as a closed beta in March 2010 by Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp, and Paul Sciarra.

It’s also nice to point out here that Pinterest actually started as a website where Instagram started as an app.

In January 2012, Pinterest reached 11.7 unique users, making it the fastest website in history to reach 10 million unique users.

Silbermann states that Pinterest is “a catalog of ideas” that inspires its users to “go out and do that thing” that you’ve been wanting to do.

Sounds like law of attraction stuff to me......

I’ve recently gotten into using Pinterest quite a bit and I like the fact that many of the pins also include step by step guides for how to manifest the thing in the pin. Many people get caught up in the visualization process of the law of attraction without the actual doing part of it.

Remember, in order to attr(act), you must act.

There is no way around this. Pinterest is unique in that not only does it give you ideas, it also shows you how to make them manifest for yourself. I think that is a very powerful social media platform for manifesting your desires. Let’s run through some specific reasons why

1) Pinterest pins can contain an action plan: pins are unique in that they give you direct instruction on how to create what is on the pin or how to find what is on the pin. This plays heavily into the (action) behind the law of attr(action). Pinterest gives you a way to see and act in the pins. This is very important for manifesting.

2) Pinterest boards act like vision boards without the extra app: while it is true that you can make mini vision boards with Instagram, that generally requires another app. Pinterest is unique in that every board you create is essentially a vision board.

Everyone has spoken frequently about the power of vision boards.

They work.

Imagine a vision board that you can add fresh things to with just a few thumb taps. That’s going to keep everything very fresh and keep you working haaaaaard to manifest the life you want.

3) Pinterest pins are easily shareable to let others join in on the fun: Other people sharing your pins that resonate with what they personally want to manifest in their life is an amazing feeling. Especially when you create the graphic yourself. It makes your manifesting power grow as your pin gets shared on multiple boards.

The more people think your pin is dope, the more willing they are to share it.

The more shares you get, the better you feel.

The better you feel, the better your pin manifests.

Ahead, there are some finer aspects of Pinterest that may be beneficial to your wallet.....


Other things I like about Pinterest, which I call the chic-fil-a of social media:




What's that last part? profitable?

Yassssss profitable.

I am finding that out first hand since I joined and started pounding the pavement on Pinterest a couple of months ago

An absurdly high number of people come on Pinterest just to shop......30-ish% to be kinda exact.

These are people that you can be drawing to:

*your store

*your email list

*your personal services

And the best thing is that 1 in every 3 people that clicks one of your pins is ready to buy from it.

This is greatness for:

*affiliate marketers


*other internet businesses

wanting to build their brand presence organically.

The best part of this is the algorithm for Pinterest. It's not quite as intensive as other social media platforms and it still rewards your high engagement. The finer points of this are covered by my man Chase Curtis's course on Mastering Pinterest.

I purchased this course a couple of months ago and I have not regretted it at all.

Social media is by far one of the best ways for you to build a following and Pinterest is a platform that you have undervalued for engagement and sales. I've already made the money back that I spent in sales since I purchased it.

It's well worth the scratch to put up, trust me.

Chase's methods definitely work and I'm sure that you're looking for ways to get maximum exposure with minimal effort.

Chase's Pinterest course shows you exactly how to do that.

Click here to get this unbeatable value that would make Stephen Hawking break dance here before the link breaks: Mastering Pinterest Course.

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