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How Authenticity and Ascension are Connected.

It's crazy how you can vibe so high that people that have never met you before can see it through a phone screen.

Today I want to discuss how authenticity and ascension essentially go hand in hand with each other. My recent story has been mired in a metric ton of struggle up until about 3 months ago when I started listening to the teachings of Abraham via Jerry and Esther Hicks. I started with The Law of Attraction and Money on Audible and this book literally changed my whole mindset about my life and what I had been doing. This is really what got me started heavy on LoA principles.

I had a couple of personal events happen that through me off course for a little bit, but LoA stuck with me. I listened to that audiobook every day for 3 weeks straight going into January of 2018. I withdrew something new from it almost every time I listened. I knew I had been transformed at a fundamental level. Things seemed to be easier, more clear. I regressed a little bit due to allowing myself to use some bad, though well-intentioned advice, but ultimately found myself getting back on track. The biggest key that let me know that I was getting back on track was social media engagement.


I published an e-book on juice fasting after I decided to go on my own juice fast for a week. My spirit felt heavy. I felt drained. I felt lost. In these times, I'm generally compelled to fast. I've done various fasts before, but due to my work situation, I thought juice would be the most suitable option to maintain the energy levels that I needed to teach effectively. I chronicled my fast on social media on a whim. I honestly just wanted to show people my authentic self. The response that I got back was amazing. Hundreds of strangers telling me how inspired they were, telling me that my story gave them hope to do this fast. About a day or so after I finished my fast, I had someone tweet me and ask if I had put all of the juice recipes that I used together in the same spot. "No, they are all in the thread," I replied. "Well you should consider putting them all in one place so it will be easier for people to access and read." Instantly I knew I had something special. Something valuable. Something authentic.

I had managed to put hope and inspiration in tangible, digital form, 2 things humans generally pine over.


I was incredibly humbled. I was incredibly appreciative for the responses and outpouring of support. I still am, and I believe that this is why I have ascended. All of this came from a place of true authenticity. I needed to heal myself. I was willing to bear my soul to the world right there in that moment. I don't really remember what my motivation was, but I think I just wanted to hold myself accountable and be what I say I am on social media. The crazy thing is now people see it and I don't even have to try.

The thing about authenticity is that when you create from this place, you create with the very essence of God, The Most High, Source, whatever you would like to call it for your spiritual or religious affiliation. That essence fills everything that you do and gives it a glow, a sheen that cannot be duplicated or imitated. You see friends, when you create value for others from a place of authenticity, you ascend vibrationally. This ascension is evident to others around you. People can feel your honesty, they feel your passion, they feel your warmth, they feel your glow....and they want to get closer and closer to you. Ultra-magnetic.

Have I mastered this? Absolutely not. However, I'm more connected to my heart than I've ever been in my 31 years of life. I'm connected to my purest, authentic self. It is for this reason that I give myself fully and willingly to those around me and those that choose to align with my energy. The greatest test of a man is what he can create in service to the world. To do this eternally, he must find his soul purpose and cultivate it. I found my soul purpose and I have allowed that God essence to fill all of my creations . Now, I glow wherever I go. Whatever it is that I give to you, know that it has been touched by the very essence that creates worlds. God is reaching out to touch you through me.

Sun God Ascended.

If you too would like to create from a place of authenticity, head over to my LoA materials section to learn how to turn your life on. After all, you deserve to be touched by God too right?

I appreciate your time.

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