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How to Use the Chemistry Behind the Law of Attraction: An Interview with Catherine Carrigan of Unlim

Myself pictured with best selling author Catherine Carrigan after a new moon manifestation kickoff. The universe is always right on time.

Today I have a very special interview for you all. I had the opportunity to interview with Catherine Carrigan on her UK health radio show. We talk about the science behind the law of attraction and how people can use it to be happy and healthier. It was an amazing talk that you can watch below! Also, you can find Catherine's contact info below and check out her products and services! Enjoy the interview!!

Catherine Carrigan Amazon No. 1 Best Selling Author

Medical Intuitive + Host of The Natural Healing Show on UK Health Radio

678-612-8816 Twitter: Facebook an/ Pinterest: Instagram: rriganauthor/ Youtube: jD3ITR1gKQEyS2JBT3QQ Second website: 50 Tumblr: Google+: 18090975674 Linkedin: Goodreads: Twitter for What Is Social Media Today:

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