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The Science of Creating Your Own Opportunities: An Interview with Shadeed Eleazer of Conversational

Today I have another interview with the brilliant Shadeed Eleazer. Shadeed reached out to me via twitter and asked me to do an interview on his show "Conversational Currency." See the description below.

"Shadeed Eleazer hosts an exclusive interview with Tanei Ricks, PhD in an insightful and inspirational discussion on how to create new opportunities and transform your life based on universal law and intention.

*How to create your own opportunity

*How to leverage the energy of social media

*How to leverage the Law of Attraction to deliver the ideal lifestyle results. Conversational Currency is the fastest growing platform which focuses on the value and importance of social skills for business in a digital era hosted by Shadeed Eleazer. Navigate to: to view the video vault of interviews and exclusive content."

This interview was to promote my mastering law of attraction course that you can find here!

Check out this awesome interview below and get your mastering law of attraction course today!

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