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3 Powerful Ways to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind is undoubtedly the most sought after piece of real estate on the planet. The people that know the power of the subsconscious mind make a daily effort to program it with the things that they want you to think about. This is done via many different forms of media.

1. Television programming: Television programming is typically auditory and visual stimulation, which attacks 2 gates on your body, the eyes and the ears. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, television programming must also be programming the soul too right? Leaving a soul imprint is a very powerful way to manipulate that essence.

2. Radio programming: Though less prevalent with the power of subscription platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, radio programming also seeks to program your subconscious mind. Take a look at the lyrics of most of the top 20 songs that are on the radio. A large majority of them lack substance. Combine that with the fact that 5-7 of these songs are played on a continuous loop hourly, is it really a wonder why the average person you come into contact with also lacks substance?

3: Advertising: Advertising is basically the science of programming the subconscious mind. Assault with specific colors, symbols, audio jingles, mascots, pictures, and brand ambassadors all implant specific messages in your subconscious that play out in your conscious activity. Companies spend billions of dollars on ads yearly to get you to buy their wares. You don’t even know why you want a Big Mac. You don’t know why you need those Jordans. You don’t know how you’re gonna afford the payments on that Audi, but you know you gotta have it. Advertising takes up so much space in your subconscious that you're not even aware of.


Quick exercise.

"Like a good neighbor."

If you thought anything other than “State Farm is there,” you’re either not American or you’re a damn liar.

This is the power of advertising and how it crowds your subconscious mind. You're likely thinking about Jake from State Farm right now as we speak.Why am I telling you this? Because much of the suggestive programming that is implanted in your subconscious mind *does not come from you*. It comes from somebody else trying to sell you a good, service, or idea. Remember, your subconscious mind guides your conscious thought.When other entities colonize your mind, you are essentially a slave to them, except they don’t use whips to get you to do what they want. They use pictures, colors, and sounds. How many times have you been sitting down somewhere, hear a jingle, and you immediately finish it? Do you know how powerful that is, to shift someone’s thought process in 5 seconds? The ingenious thing about it all is that this pressure isn’t overt, it’s consistently covert. 5 seconds here. 10 seconds there. Music here. Color flash there so on so forth.


Am I gonna use this blog to sell you one of my ideas?


At least I’m being honest about though, and I’m being honest about it because I believe that many of us have been duped in to doing things that we really don’t want do by having our subconscious mind colonized.

So what should you do? Take your subsconscious mind back.

How do you do this? Use the same exact methods that other companies use to colonize it to begin with.

Step 1: Journaling to hack your manifestations: Journaling is the ultimate hack for your subconscious. Pretend that the universe is a restaurant and your journal is your custom menu. You can order whatever you want when you want. Be specific with what you want and repeat it. Repetition is the mother of learning and manifestation, especially in your subsconscious.

Step 2: Picture Meditation to hack your visualization: Visualization is crucial to crafting your future which is why there’s so much strife on tv. Media wants you to believe that the world is destroyed beyond repair. People are dying everywhere. There’s not enough resources to go around. That is incredibly deceptive. Life is equal parts beautiful and destitute because there is duality in all things. You choose what you resonate with. Turn the bullshit off on the tv. Meditate on white sand beaches. Meditate on a picture of jet skis and imagine you and your forever boo whipping donuts in the middle of the ocean. Meditate on a picture with a gigantic pile of money and imagine yourself making a money angel in it. Use that mind of yours to create some beautiful visualizations.

Step 3: Music to hack your feelings: I’ve said many times before that our feelings are a GPS to let us know when we’re off track with our inner desires. If music can make you buy life insurance that you don’t need, imagine what else it can do! Music makes complete strangers dance with each other and enjoy themselves wholeheartedly. Music amps people up for a big game or to destroy the gym. These songs make you feel a certain way. Generally they make you feel good.When you’re feeling good, you’re manifesting whatever you’re thinking about in that moment into your life. Make a playlist with some songs in it that make you feel good and tie it to something you wanna accomplish in your life. Play it a couple of times a day and see where you are. I promise the more you play the songs, the more you feel good, and the more you act on your goals.


These powerful hacks and more are available in my mastering law of attraction course. I go over how powerful the subconscious mind is in great detail as well as specific practices you can use to hack it that correlate with this blog post.

Did this post make you realize some new truths about yourself?

Can you see where you might be failing in your quest to live a deliberate life?

Are you ready to take full control of your life and escape from failure and arrive at success?

My mastering law of attraction course has all of the tools you need to do just that! Get yours today, and remember, no one can colonize your mind unless you let them.

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