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4 Reasons Why Having Options Nurtures Masculinity and the Best Way to Create Them.

Today's blog is specifically for the men out here (women, you're more than welcome to continue reading and thank me for increasing your pool of desirable men). I want to talk about the power of having options. The best thing a man can do is have options. Options reveal a very healthy relationship with masculinity, specifically with the ability to create deliberately. Having options helps men be more masculine for four very important reasons that I will outline ahead.

1) Decreases thirst levels and eagerness

All men across the world have encountered the dreaded "thirst" at some point. When you see a beautiful woman you would like to get to know, your primal instincts instantly put you in hunt mode. However, the folly in this can sometimes be that you come on a little too strong, especially in times of female drought. You must remember that the dance between masculine and feminine is a push/pull dynamic. You can't be the one doing all of the pushing. Increasing your options ensures that you know when and where to push to get the desired pull. It also makes your pushes more effective because the time spent entertaining other options makes your pushes linger, which creates more drastic pushes from your feminine counterparts to recapture your attention.

2) Makes you desirable via public demand

When you have options, your time is at a premium. People only want things when they seem scarce in nature. Scarcity creates value. When something is valuable, it's generally demanded by the public. This is a simple fact of life that most men tend to forget when trying to create the perfect romantic life. Keeping your options high keeps your value high, which will in turn make you more desirable since not just anyone can get a hold of you.

3) Makes you less likely to entertain bad behavior

People are more willing to accept sub-par behavior when their options are limited due to adapting to their surroundings. However, when you're easily able to change your surroundings, you're much less susceptible to falling into this trap. Unfortunately, when people know that you have no options, they will treat you however they want. This is why government run programs typically have poor service because they know you can't go anywhere else to get things like a driver's license. Increasing your options subconsciously lets people know they need to come correct or they can be easily replaced, and often by someone of a higher value than them.

4) Helps you determine when time is better spent elsewhere

The worst thing that you can do with your time is spend it in places that are bringing you nothing in return. If you have limited options, it's very difficult for you to discern if this is the case. Even worse, you may know that this is the case, but feel trapped in that situation. Increasing your options lets you see how your effort is being rewarded across multiple channels. This helps you make a more informed decision about how you should be spending your time and where you are getting the most gains.


So I'm sure the burning question is "How do you acquire more options?"

Acquire more skills.

The more skills you have, the more options you have. People that are the most skill-deficient have the hardest time finding and keeping what they truly desire. This is one area where specialization can hurt. Specialization is very good for desirable skills, but not so much for skills no one gives a shit about.

Shortcut: find skills people care about & build a broad skill base from it. Specialize in the things you care about in that base.

You can take a class or look up anything on the internet these days. There’s literally no excuse for you to be lacking in a skill that is essential for your survival. All deficiencies are easily fixed in this digital area. If you lack skills, you lack self-discipline.

Good luck getting a woman to trust you if you lack self-discipline.

Are you unaware of your deficiencies? Quick ways to solve this

1) Look at your friends and see what you don’t like about them.

2) Do number 1 with your close family members

3) Look at leaders in essential fields and see what they do that you don’t.

Your deficiencies will come out very quickly since you are the average of the people you spend the most time around and what you give your attention to.

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