20 Things I Wish I Had Known In My 20s

Today's post is essentially random musings of things I’ve learned in 31 years that I think are important. Many of these things I wish I would've known in my 20s. I think that my quality of life would be substantially better than it is now. That's not to say that my life stinks now because it certainly doesn't. However, that doesn't mean that I couldn't have done things better. I put this guide together to help you do just that. Let's begin.

1. Adults for the most part don’t know shit: Honestly, you would be surprised at how many adults are out here just winging it. Yes, this includes your parents. No, I don’t know them personally, but 85% of humans fall into the average category. Our parents are included. The average adult doesn't know much beyond what is fed to them through various institutions. Few people actually take the time to immerse themselves in the vast bounty of the world, thus leaving them with limited knowledge of how things actually work.

2. Your health should be your number 1 priority: I made the mistake throughout my schooling (9 years) of ignoring it. I imagine that my performance would’ve been substantially better had I had a solid foundation in health. My family didn’t emphasize it so I am now. I could whine and cry about not having positive examples of health in my family, but that would be pointless. It may not have been my fault that I didn't have these influences, but it is my responsibility to fix it so I have accepted that.

3. Sexual energy is very underdeveloped: People really don’t understand the power that’s in between their legs, especially men. I used to be a huge proponent of stacking bodies. Now, not so much because men don’t know you can and *should* create other things with that energy. Sexual energy is very potent. It is the energy of creation. You can use that energy in many ways while you're in the act or if you're just aroused. Get accustomed to using excess sexual energy to finish other tasks or get in a creative space.

4. Relationships are a distraction: Either they’re a happy one or a miserable one. The fact remains that your attention has to be devoted to your partner X amount of the time. That’s energy than can go somewhere else. If you have big things to work on, relationships can wait. There's no shame in being selfish at this time, because when you do decide to be with someone, you want to be able to devote the proper time and energy to deepen your love and bond with your chosen partner.

5. You die several times within your life if you’re living right: This has to be my 9-10th incarnation in this body if not more. We assimilate vast amounts of knowledge, habits, & systems daily that should make us hypocrites on some level. Then you die (sleep) & rebirth (awaken). This cycle of knowledge accumulation should happen several times and eventually birth a brand new person. An easy way to think about this is that successful people find a way to reinvent themselves every 5 years. This is the epitome of death and rebirth.

6. Age =\= wisdom: There are plenty of old fools. There are plenty of people on their deathbed that lived an unfulfilled life. Just because someone is old, does not mean that they are wise. A lot of old people will die with nothing because they didn’t take risks and they didn’t learn. It's easy to spot this type of elder as they are very vocal about their distaste for certain things that you do including but not limited to travelling, fine dining, or entrepreneurship. You represent all of the things that they were too afraid to do so they project their frustration on you.

7. Sacrificing for the wrong thing can set you back: If you sacrifice your time and energy for bullshit, you will find yourself behind very quickly. All sacrifices aren’t good ones. Take a mental inventory of what you’re willing to give up time for and assess ROI.

8. Your friends are your chosen family, choose wisely: if your family is ass, I have great news. You can pick a new one. Your friends can create the environment you’ve always wanted. However, make sure you cultivate self first so that you attract what you actually want in people.

9. Give more than you take: relationships at worst should be even value exchanges. At best, you will find a way to give more than you take. If you dance with another in this relationship with the same attitude, it balances over time, but your connection deepens.