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3 Things Wealthy People Are Obsessed with Doing That You Should Be Obsessed With Too.

Check out this blog post where I talk about 3 things that the average wealthy person is obsessed with doing!

Volunteering has set me up for a lot of opportunities to see things that I wouldn’t have otherwise and I'm continually appreciative of finding these opportunities. Today I saw something interesting.

Wealthy people are happy to compete.

Honestly, this should come as no surprise because wealthy people are generally thought of as successful. On the road to success, there has to be some opposition somewhere. However, wealthy people are happy to compete over anything. I’ve never seen this in real time until this past Thursday.


The Piedmont Park conservancy group had their landmark luncheon for people who’ve donated to keep the park gorgeous.

They auctioned off the above beauties.

-signed Ryan jersey

-Dan Quinn signed football

-signed Garza jersey

Now you would think that people that have the scratch to just buy these things straight up wouldn’t be putting their contact information into a bucket just to win it for free.

You would be wrong my friend.

I found out first hand today that wealthy people love free things too even though poor people are generally maligned for the same sentiment. However, something that really struck me was how *ready* they were to compete. They were chasing the high of winning. That’s incredible to me because they are already winning on so many levels. Then I thought about it some more. This is how you stay elite. You love winning. However, in order to win, you have to compete. And if you want to increase your chances of winning, you compete as often as you can at max levels.


People were doing all kinds of things to get their contact cards a higher chance of being selected. Folding, tearing, bending cards to be noticed.Wealthy people it seems love winning and are adept at it because they take a deliberate approach to it. They scrape out every single edge that they can possible in order to win and they love finding these edges. They are excited to get advantages.

More advantages = higher possibility of winning.

So it seems that the act of creating advantages for yourself increases the likelihood that you enjoy competing because you’ve given yourself the best possibility to win. Winning is a great feeling. People love winning. It doesn’t matter how much money they have. They understand that any competition is an opportunity to get that winning feeling again.

So I think it’s perfectly fine to ask at this point if people are actually successful because they love money or because they love winning?

Honest answer; I think it’s both. However, we know when you feel good, you’re attracting whatever your focus is in that moment. If you're competing and feeling good about winning that prize, you are drawing the advantages, knowledge, and skills necessary to win that price. Even if you don’t win that day, a win is almost assuredly guaranteed at some point because you feel good about competition due to the possibility of winning. Positive feedback loop. This encourages more winning type actions on your part.


I learned that wealthy people are normal people who have developed an obsession with the following:

1: Competing - Being obsessed with competing is no easy feat. It's grueling. It's time consuming. It means that you show up to every event possible ready to step into the arena. That takes an amazing level of preparation and commitment. You know the times that you opt to stay home because you're feeling a little tired that day? Yeah, those days don't exist. Obsession with competition means that you show up ready to show out at any opportunity regardless of how you feel in the moment. Some may even say that the best opportunities for greatness are made when you compete even when you don't feel like it. It shows that you have the discipline necessary to overcome all obstacles.

2: Winning - obsession with winning is not simply being happy when you win. When I think obsession with winning, I think Michael Jordan. I think Tom Brady. I think Nick Saban. No matter how many wins the aforementioned have accumulated, they were always hungry for the next win. They want to decimate everybody that stands in their way. That's peak obsession, and the kind of attitude you need to become successful and stay successful long term.

3: Gaining Advantages - advantages can be gained in many different ways. A couple of examples would be automation if you have an online business, agreeing to become a part of a team, outsourcing work to someone else, stacking skills, or simply working harder than anyone else will. I'm reminded of a quote by self-made millionaire Grant Cardone, author of The 10X Rule, that goes "I'm morally ethical to the end, but I do not play fair. Any advantage I can get, I will take within ethical bounds." Grant has crafted a multi-million dollar empire employing this methodology.

Being obsessed with these 3 will almost assuredly guarantee you success in your life’s journey. Hopefully my experience here serves you well. Remember, create opportunities for yourself to live a life worth speaking about. If you found this info useful, there's a donate link at the bottom of the page to directly fund these valuable tips and tricks to upgrade your life. Act now!

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