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What's the Difference Between Appreciation and Gratitude?

This article talks about the difference between appreciation and gratitude. It's an important distinction to make when it comes to manifesting your desires!


Or should I say the past to be more specific.

What if I told you that gratitude wasn’t the way? What if gratitude is actually holding you back? Seems counterintuitive to think this way but let’s split some hairs today. Let’s talk about why appreciation is better than gratitude.


People think that gratitude and appreciation are the same thing. Incorrect family. It’s ok to be grateful initially, but to truly be the manifestational powerhouse that you know you can be, you must transition to appreciation. Gratitude is the training wheels. Appreciation is when you take the training wheels off.

Let’s talk about the difference.

Appreciation = living in the now

When you appreciate something, you are completely in the moment of receiving your manifestation. There is no cloudiness or fear stemming from the past. All of your feelings are encapsulated in the present. This is the way to truly live without fear and bounds. It also gives you an air of attentiveness that people around you can sense and acknowledge deeply within themselves.

Gratitude = living in the past and the now simultaneously.

People are often grateful in situations where they receive something more than what they had in the past, meaning that your point of focus is still on the past, not the present.If your point of focus is on the past, and your past was filled with lack, your point of focus has shifted back to lack which is going to bring you more lack eventually. It may not be as pronounced as it was in the past, but it’s certainly not optimal.


Why is it important to distinguish between appreciation and gratitude?

Because disconnecting from the past is the key to receiving your desires.

Remember, your point of power is in the present. Every action that you take molds your memories and shapes your tomorrow. You must be deliberate about internalizing this.

The universe will hold all of your desires until you’re ready to claim them, and to do this, you must release your tethers to the past. You can’t change the past, so why worry about it? Furthermore, focusing on the past dilutes your focus on the current self.

The current self is the most powerful self because it is creating the past and the future at the same damn time.

Even if you are stepping into a new situation with a familiar entity, the situation is still new and you must treat it as such. Treating it as a past situation will blind you to the growth that has taken place. When you are blinded, you have no sense of direction. Also, bringing old feelings into a new situation will cause trust to be built very slowly, further stunting the new growth that needs to take place.


The simplest way to transition from gratitude to appreciation is to make peace with your past. The past is history, the future is a mystery, right now is a gift and why it’s called the present. Your past can be good or bad, but you still have to make peace with it.

Doing so means that you have fully stepped into the moment and are open to receiving all that is meant for you now. Don’t dwell on the past, good, bad, right, or wrong, if you truly want to appreciate and receive all that you’ve asked for and all that you deserve.

A good method to use to make peace with the past regardless of whether or not it was a favorable outcome is to utilize the 24 hour rule. Put simply, don't dwell on wins for longer than 24 hours. Don't dwell on losses for 24 hours. What's done is done and there is nothing that you can really do to change it. Staying consistent with this practice regardless of the outcome encourages you to always be looking forward to the next challenge, which keeps you in a constant state of receiving.

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