What's the Difference Between Appreciation and Gratitude?

This article talks about the difference between appreciation and gratitude. It's an important distinction to make when it comes to manifesting your desires!


Or should I say the past to be more specific.

What if I told you that gratitude wasn’t the way? What if gratitude is actually holding you back? Seems counterintuitive to think this way but let’s split some hairs today. Let’s talk about why appreciation is better than gratitude.


People think that gratitude and appreciation are the same thing. Incorrect family. It’s ok to be grateful initially, but to truly be the manifestational powerhouse that you know you can be, you must transition to appreciation. Gratitude is the training wheels. Appreciation is when you take the training wheels off.

Let’s talk about the difference.

Appreciation = living in the now

When you appreciate something, you are completely in the moment of receiving your manifestation. There is no cloudiness or fear stemming from the past. All of your feelings are encapsulated in the present. This is the way to truly live without fear and bounds. It also gives you an air of attentiveness that people around you can sense and acknowledge deeply within themselves.

Gratitude = living in the past and the now simultaneously.

People are often grateful in situations where they receive something more than what they had in the past, meaning that your point of focus is still on the past, not the present.If your point of focus is on the past, and your past was filled with lack, your point of focus has shifted back to lack which is going to bring you more lack eventually. It may not be as pronounced as it was in the past, but it’s certainly not optimal.