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Why Seasonal Awareness is the Key to Increasing Your Productivity

Check out this blog post that teaches you how to use the power of the seasons to work smarter!

What if I told you that your distance from common sense and nature is affecting your success? Would you believe me? This is most apparent in our interpretation of seasons. Your lack of seasonal knowledge is destroying your productivity. We are supposed to be working with the earth. Not against it. Seasons are set up so that we know how we are supposed to invest our energy. Unfortunately, some holidays in the west have our seasonal knowledge completely off course. What's a great example of this?

New Year's Day.

Riddle me this: how can winter be the new year when everything outside is dormant? New year marks new beginnings, new energy, new possibilities. What is possible when the days are the shortest and there’s less sun energy to power you? I've always found it incredibly odd that people celebrate a new year when there's really nothing to celebrate.

This is a clear sign that your best physical efforts are not designed for winter. Common sense. This is why your New Years resolutions generally fall flat. You are not supposed to be working the hardest at this time. You are supposed to be internalizing your ideas. These ideas will be the seeds you plant in the true new year, spring. Let’s break it down.

There's 3 seasons of physical work and 1 season of mind work. Let’s start from mind work and go forward.


Mind work season - Winter

Winter is when you you start planning for what you want your year to be. This is all mind work. Here are 10 simple questions you can ask yourself so that you can begin to write your goals and internalize what you want.

What do I want to accomplish?

What skills do I need to accomplish it?

Who do I need to meet to accomplish my goals?

What experiences do I value at this point in my life?

Where did I excel last year?

Where did I fall short last year?

What is 1 thing I would have done differently last year?

What things can I improve on that give me the greatest ROI?

How can I take better care of my body?

How can I take better care of my mind?

Now that you’ve answered the pertinent questions, you now write up your plan from this outline. If 1 of your goals is to grow your own food, your plan may look like this:

What do I want to accomplish? I want to learn how to grow my own food.

What skills do I need to grow my own food? I need to learn how to build a raised bed, till a plot etc.

How can I do this? Watch youtube videos, volunteer with a community farm etc.

Next - internalize your plans.

Tap into your imagination & emotional energy at this time. The days are shorter. Less sun. More moon. More emotional energy is coming from the moon. This charges up your emotional connection to self. During this time you want to be practicing some key, mind related exercises.

1. Meditation: meditation allows you to focus and visualize yourself achieving your tasks. This is the first step to actually manifest what is in your mind. You can't be what you can't see.

2. Feel like you already have what you've desired: You must practice getting in the feeling of having what it is that you already desire. If you don't feel good about what you're trying to manifest, you won't feel motivated to accomplish it. It can be difficult to do this with things that you've never had before, but you can simply feel good about previous wins while you meditate on your new wins since functionally, they will feel the same.

If you internalize your goals at this time, you will begin to envision your success and your body will be primed to carry out these actions when the sun comes back out. Winter is for internalization. This is a mind work season.


First physical work season: spring.

In winter you gathered your seeds. In spring it’s time to plant them. As the sun comes back out for the new year, it signifies new beginnings. The ideas that you’ve internalized now begin to take physical shape as you plant the seeds. If you neglect this season, you will not harvest anything. Do not neglect spring. This is your foundational season.You build all of the habits necessary for your ideas to grow.

Now is when you go to the gym.

Now is when you start planting physical seeds to grow food.

Now is when you start that new course, plan that trip, start learning your new language.

The sun is assisting you. The more the sun assists you, the more physical energy you will have at your disposal. This will get you through the days when things are rough. When things get rough in winter, you’re more likely to quit because you’re more emotionally driven than logically driven. Worse, there's minimal sun to keep you energized and inspired.



Next physical work season: summer. This is where you take everything that you do in spring and you turn up 10x. Summer is the season of sacrifice. Why?

The sun is at full strength and so are you.

People erroneously mistake summer as the season for vacation. No. You are wasting the vibrant energy that the sun is giving you to 10x your manifestations.

Summer is where you sacrifice.

Summer is where you can afford to lose sleep because the sun has your back.

Summer is where champions are born. If you neglect summer, everything that you planted in spring will die because you did not finish the drill. You have the extra boost in summer because this is the most critical time for your growth and seeing your goals through.

Do not feel bad about sacrificing your summer to push your goals through. You have the energy and you have the time. Harvest season is right around the corner. Summer is not the time to pack it in and celebrate.

It is the time to go harder.

It’s the time to take more risks.

It’s the time to kick the door in. Remember, the sun being at its apex is not an accident. You need this energy to make sure your harvest season is prosperous. In summer, you are 10x’ing spring. If it’s furthering your goals, max out while others celebrate. You will have a bountiful harvest in the autumn that you can actually enjoy while others are planning for seasonal misalignment. Stay ahead of the curve, sacrifice, and prosper later.


Last physical work season: fall/autumn.

If you’ve followed this roadmap successfully, you now get to enjoy all of the physical work that you did the previous 6 months. Here’s the interesting thing though. The same things that we’re available to you in summer are still available to you in autumn because the sun is still in your favor. Not only that. Things are cheaper out of vacation season and you have more to work with. Autumn is your harvest season.

This is where you see your money.

Your new house.

Your new body.

Your new car.

Your new spirit.

Everything that you went hard for is in full shape now and you can actually enjoy it because guess what? Mindwork season is around the corner. New body, new mind state, new life, better mind goals to come through. Once you have completed your harvest, enjoy it. You worked hard for it. You have the time now to go on your vacations, enjoy your spoils, meet new people, and try out your new toys. You will be much more vibrant when you do so because you know that much needed rest is coming soon.


Seasonal alignment is something that has been practiced by farmers for centuries. Back then, we had a much more intrinsic connection with the earth and its seasons. This guide has put things in perspective for you so that you can increase your productivity, reach your goals, and enjoy your spoils the same way that good farmers do. In a sense, we're all farmers, tending to the fertile ground that is our subconscious mind. In order to better guide and hack your subconscious mind, I put together what I call the manifest destiny starter pack which includes my best selling "Practical Hacks to the Law of Attraction using Science, Social Media and Music" e-book, the audiobook version, and 60 affirmations that can motivate you to accomplish your goals from winter to summer.

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