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The Importance of Using Social Media to Challenge Your Belief System and Grow

Social media sites like facebook, twitter, instagram, and pinterest can be used to help you grow and this blog post will teach you how!

What if I told you that many people get on social media as a way to validate their own beliefs instead of *challenging* them? Pretty believable right. What if I told you that you’re that person? You ready to challenge your beliefs and shake your foundation? Social media can be a great way to challenge your ways of thought and grow exponentially as a person. Ahead, I'll outline how your social media experience can help you see great results in your personal development


Echo chambers are frequently referenced in social media and their detriment to how we think and interact with each other, but few realize the self imposed echo chambers that we build for ourselves. You build the box based on your current thinking. It's a natural trait, but it isn't optimal for growth. However, I understand why.

The internet is a madhouse. It's basically an insane asylum full of things that the average person is not seeing, engaging in, or doing in real life.

Anything goes here. You have people saying extremely flagrant things to you that they’d never say to you in person, viral memes about people you’ve never met before, and endless roast session about things people find unsavory. It's completely unregulated and no one is immune to internet savagery


You don’t really wanna be caught up in any of that. So what do you do? You find a tribe that validates you. This insulates you from too much mental damage from something like going viral because you got knocked out in a fight or people find out that you're not who you portray yourself to be on social media. Humans behave like this outside of the internet as well.

We’re communal by nature. The online space is no different. We gravitate towards things that resonate with us because it gives us a measure of comfort and stability. The little talked about thing that it also gives though is protection, especially in cult-like followings.

Internet cults can be just as vast and dedicated to their leaders as they are in real life. Look at the stan groups like the beyhive, Rihanna navy. The minute that either the leader or a member of the stan cult is maligned, the hive launches a full scale internet assault on the offender. Memes, sassy gifs, flagrant jokes, and roast sessions are what you can expect when you get caught in the internet crossfire. With that kind of digital protection, it doesn’t make much sense from a preservation standpoint to stray from the pack outchea on these innanet streets. Consider this though.

Preservation keeps things the same until they are consumed. Preservation keeps things from degrading over time. Preservation doesn’t enable growth. It keeps you stagnant at best, and decaying at worst.

If your goal is to grow, you have to diversify your social media experience. I see at least 20 things on my TL daily that I wholeheartedly disagree with. This has been a huge level up for me. Why? Because It makes me uncomfortable and forces me to think about why I am.


Considering that you could be wrong is a major key to sustained growth. This is a measure of humility and being teachable. Seeing conflicting points of view gives you the opportunity to open up to this. It’s a great opportunity to expand your knowledge base.

I got #maga, #withher, red pill, blue pill, white nationalists, black republicans, *conspiracy theorists*, strict carnivores, and troll accounts all over my twitter TL. The diversity of thought is incredible and makes me consider a lot.

That’s why I seemingly grow and attract things at an astronomical rate. Where I used to look for an argument as an angry sjw, I look for understanding and opportunities for growth as a normal human being. Not to say I agree with anything that is said, but I at least consider the thought now.

And sometimes I still come to the conclusion that people are definitely stupid. I’m quickly reminded though that one person is smart. One person has the capacity to think and interpret on their own when left to their own devices. That’s why my tl is so diverse.

It allows me to be one person at all times. I encourage you to take this approach and find significant gains in your interpersonal relationships and ways that you process information. Additionally, my law of attraction course can help you with how you process information and what you attract on and offline. The 3 section sequence in the course will teach you how to deliberately manifest your waking reality and your virtual reality efficiently so that you can have meaningful experiences with others. Don't delay another day living a life of internet frustration. Download your copy of my course instantly below!

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