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Why It's Important to Believe That You Are Redeemable and 3 Reasons Why We Seek Redemption.

Redemption is the most significant part of all of our stories while in these earthly bodies. Redemption acknowledges the ability for us to grow and adapt. It let's us know that we have overcome something at some point in our lives. It let's us know that we were out of alignment with our inner desires, but eventually we were able to course correct and get back on track. This shows the resiliency of the human spirit


The most important thing that I’ve learned this year is that despite my faults, I am redeemable. The level of redemption varies sometimes and only time combined with repeated redeemable acts can help with this endeavor. It's one of the reasons why I give away so much free content. I'm seeking a redemption of sorts from my old ways of being. In doing this I've learned that if I’m redeemable, so are you.

I get downloads at the most random times and this time is no different.

Redemption and change are linked hand in hand with each other. I often think about this sentiment: “People never truly change.” Only bitter people who are incapable of change say this.

The rub is that they’re incapable of change because they refuse to change themselves. They refuse to see what part they play in their own growth. They do not want to be redeemed because they see nothing worthy of it.


I’ll give an example. I used to be an extreme social justice warrior (sjw) on social media.

I used to scour every single comment thread on social media and find reasons to get upset and argue with people just to show people how intellectually superior I was. That was deep insecurity on my part. It was amplified by the fact that I was already completing something that I knew most of the population couldn't or wouldn't do. In fully coming into myself though, I learned that true intelligence doesn’t need to boast.

You know it when you see it.

If I was the same person now that I was last year, my words and reach wouldn’t be as powerful as they are now. I redeemed myself and just joined the ranks of regular humanity.

Where I used to look for conflict, I look for understanding.

I’m looking for that understanding because I’m looking for understanding within.

People absolutely can change. Not only can they change, they should change.

It’s in our nature to change. It’s in our nature to seek something higher than what we are now. It’s in our nature to seek change. It’s in our nature to seek redemption. Redemption is polarity. It means that you’ve crossed from once stance to another.

The great thing is that the greater the stance change, the greater the polarity created, which makes the attractive force of your life and your message extremely powerful. This is why everyone loves a good comeback story. The protagonist of the story has generally overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to get to a place of triumph.


There are 3 things that influence this need for change and redemption:

Love - love can certainly move mountains and make people want to be better. Love from the right person can save your life. Love can put a broken person back together again. Encapsulated within love are key ingredients needed for redemption: respect, confidence, and patience.

Knowledge - if you’re ignorant to your ways, how can you know when change and redemption is needed? New knowledge gives you new portals to cross through toward new horizons. When you find new knowledge and integrate it, it helps you take the big leap necessary to achieve success and get to your place of redemption.

A Change of Heart - all of this sounds great, but none of it matters without a fundamental change of heart. If you don’t consider that you’re closing yourself off, you can never get to a place of redemption because there’s nothing that needs to be changed. A change of heart is huge because it requires you to look in the mirror and see the part that you've played in your life. A change of heart means that you've taken full responsibility for everything that has happened to you and for you.


I’ve come a long way. I’m thankful for the experience and I’m thankful that I didn’t have to redeem myself from something truly terrible because some things takes a long time to be redeemed from. It is my hope that for all who are reading this that you know that you are strong, your are a powerful creator, and you are worthy of redemption. Seek it and remember, what you want wants you and if it's redemption that you want, it shall be.

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