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Why You Shouldn't Feel Bad When People Leave Your Life

Read this blog to to find the times when it's ok for people to leave your life!

Are you currently going through a time in your life where it feels like you're all alone?

Do you feel like every connection that you try to make is just failing?

Does it feel like all of the people who have been there with you from day one have just abandoned you?

Then read this blog post and see why it's not necessarily a bad thing that people leave your life because you may be on the brink of a great transformation like a caterpillar to a butterfly!


Let’s talk about something that I’ve been thinking about lately as it applies to my own life. I’m gonna call it the butterfly effect, even though it should probably be called the cocoon effect. It goes a little something like this

When it’s time for you to level up, people may fall away from you and leave your life.

Oooooooh that sounds a little bit overwhelming right?

Especially since these people are generally the ones that are close to us including:



*Significant Others

Many of these people have been with us throughout our lives, especially through times of deep change. Losing these people, or seemingly losing these people, can seem quite scary, but it doesn't have to be especially when we understand what is in front of us.

I think a lot of us get too salty when our “day ones” or our “ride or dies” aren’t with us for the most significant transformations in our lives.

Sure you’d like for those people to witness the growth in real time, but that simply can’t be the case for bigly changes. Sometimes you have to be by yourself for yyyhhhuuuuuuge changes.

And that's ok.

The perfect example of this is the caterpillar going to the butterfly.

Nobody gets inside of the cocoon with the caterpillar. It’s just the caterpillar and an internal knowing that alone for now is the way to bloom. I think we’re too quick to look at people leaving us as a bad thing.

We grow much faster without distractions.

And let’s face it, dealing with other people is a distraction. It can be a good one or a bad one. When you’re trying to grow bigly though, sometimes solitude is needed because some people simply can’t help you get to the next level.

Their presence stunts your growth as a result.


Another thing that I would like to point out is that just because people leave, it also doesn’t mean that people are disloyal to you. In my mind, it means that the universe is calling for you to manifest a transformation so great, that only you can feel and witness it. Let’s talk movies for a bit. Specifically Iron Man 2.

When tony has to figure out a replacement to the palladium core for the arc reactor, he’s left by himself.

The only thing that he has is the old tapes of his dad and the diorama of Tomorrow World. Imagine if Pepper had been there. Or Rhodes. How distracted would he have been?

How much focus and dedication does it take to create something as drastic as a brand new element?

Imagine if anyone else was in his workshop constantly as he’s building the particle accelerator.

Huge distraction and liability.

Tony needed every ounce of focus to create.

And sometimes that’s what you need to take your next big leap. I say all of this to say that in times of great transformation in your life, being alone is necessary and sometimes the universe will force it on you if you’re being stubborn.

Let it be.

Don’t feel any kind of way about who leaves because when you level up, they may find their way back.

If they don’t, that’s fine too.

Focus on your transformation. Get comfortable in the cocoon by yourself and think about the butterfly you will become.

When you spread your wings, then you can worry about who can come with you, because only then do you have the ability to fly with them.

Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash

As you get closer to the big transformation, there will be 3 things that you will experience guaranteed.

1) Fear: you will experience fear because this change is something that you have never seen before. Remember though that fear is just inspiration that is being suffocated. The fear of failure is the biggest fear that you will likely face. Times of great change bring so much uncertainty that it is difficult to avoid fear. You will have to call on new tools to help you overcome this fear. Are you up to the task?


2) Doubt: the second guessing is another part of the fear. You doubt because you don't know what you are truly capable of . The most exciting part about all of this is that you don't know what you are truly capable of so the possibilities are endless. You shouldn't focus on the possibilities that don't end well for you.

If you knew that you couldn't lose, what would you do today?

What thing that you've always wanted to do, but kept putting off because you doubted your power, would you go after?

Can you overcome this doubt with new tools?


3) Analysis Paralysis: by thinking too much about what is in front of you, you will put yourself into a state of standing still. You get so worried about what could happen, when it could happen, why it could happen, that you forget to just be in the moment and do.

Action is the biggest part of attraction.

At the end of the day, you can't be so wrapped up in analyzing every little detail. This gives you the feeling that you are working hard to get through your change, but you're not really doing anything that moves the needle.

Until you put action behind your thoughts, that's when you start to move forward in your change. This is where you beat the analysis paralysis. You can learn new tools that teach you how to take massive action so that you are never slowed down by analysis paralysis.

The tools that you need to overcome these 3 things can be found in my mastering law of attraction course. This course will teach you how to:

*Manage the feelings of loss that come with deep change

*Take massive action towards your goals so that the universe is forced to give you the transformation you want

*Overcome the fear and doubt that come along with being alone for you time of change.

When you're ready to step inside the cocoon to change into the beautiful butterfly that life is calling you to be, hop down and click on "Master the Law of Attraction" while you still can!

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