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How to Attract More Abundance Into Your Life Without Being a Good Person

Read this blog post to see why people that aren't necessarily good people can still attract abundance in their lives!

Do you hate the fact that so many corrupt people seem to get ahead in life?

Do you loathe the fact that there are truly terrible people in the world that can attract abundance to them like its nothing?

Do you secretly want to be like them and find out what makes them so successful?

Then read ahead were I give you the reasons why you don't have to be a good person to attract abundance into your life!


So I had a major league download a couple of months ago that I decided to write about today. FYI, when I say download, I just mean a new thought, but it generally comes when I'm outside soaking up muh sunrays for the day.

The download hit me like a ton bricks. Actually, it hit me like a ton of sunrays and a whole lotta sweat.

The more value you provide, the more crap you get away with.

This definitely bears repeating.

The more value you provide, the more shit you get away with.

That wasn't a strict repeat, but it was close enough

I want you to really sit with this statement because it is very important. Internalize this statement and then become valuable.


There is no justice, only power.

People make the grave mistake daily of thinking that things should be fair and, while they probably should, that's simply not the case.

Not in this realm. Only the strong survive in this realm. I know that's been said ad nauseam, but people still seem to not understand that. This is very common when talking about social justice movements.

Unvaluable people bargain for a seat at the table.

Valuable people set table arrangements.

That's always been the way of the world to be brutally honest.

For the record, I'm not sure if unvaluable is a word, but invaluable doesn't do what I want it to.

Anyhow, when we get back to talking about value and what you can do with it, let's talk about the kind of attractive power being valuable brings.


Let’s call this the R. Kelly paradox. R. Kelly has a history of questionable behavior when it comes to women, and I use the term women very loosely here. People have known about this for a very long time. He's been getting a pass for years though.


“He made bump and grind.”

“He made I believe I can fly.”

“He made the ignition remix.”

All of these things provide *value* to somebody good, bad, right, or wrong.

Even though there was a metric ton of sex songs prior to Bump and Grind, R. Kelly and Public Announcement made a song that pushed the boundaries of R&B at the time. Never been seen before.

I Believe I Can Fly became the inspirational anthem that we needed, but didn't think we did.

The Ignition Remix provided endless laughs on the Chappelle Show.

The point is that he provided extreme value to people.

He provided enough value to enough people that it squished their outrage towards something that *should* be morally wrong. The Boondocks spoke on this very thoroughly.

People reaaaallllyyyy don’t give a flying front flip about how much of a dirtbag you are if you are giving something of extreme value or perceived value to them.


The minute that you begin to become useless to them, then the complaints will come out, which is why R. Kelly was where he was earlier.

He hadn’t provided anybody with enough value for his minor bad acts (max pun intended) to be overlooked anymore.

That new song dropped today though.......


Let’s use another example. Ben Roethlisberger. 2 Super Bowl rings let him off the hook for 2 alleged sexual assaults to the point that Pittsburgh fans were mad about Mike Vick coming to be the backup quarterback. Vick would likely never see the field, and Pittsburgh fans were still upset.

Fam, your star quarterback allegedly

(and I'm putting allegedly here so that I'm not at risk for legal beagles, but y'all know damn well he *plane flies overhead*)

sexually assaulted 2 women and got a slap on the wrist for it, but y’all tight about a man that actually paid his debt to society for fighting dogs?? Feels like clown world right? It ain’t though.

Ben provided value to Pittsburgh fans in the form of 2 rings.

Good, bad, right, or wrong, he provided enough value and service to these people for them to overlook something that’s actually a big deal.

Tell me that’s not attractive power. Your ability to attract abundance from people is directly related to the kind of value you provide.

If you’re not providing any kind of valuable service, good luck getting any kind of power over an audience.

Good luck attracting abundance to your life whether you're a good person or not.

And I’m not even saying you gotta be a scumbag once you get said power. I’m saying that people are way more willing to forgive you when you’ve given them value.

Give the kind of value that would force people to give leniency to a rapist then don’t be a flippin rapist.

Watch how much space you’re given to explore the boundaries. You will have found yourself in a spot with infinite possibilities and seemingly endless grace.

And that my friends is where the magic happens.


To recap, if you would like to attract abundance into your life without that pesky pre-req of having to be a good person, you need to be able to do the following:

*Give extreme scumbag level value.

*Don’t engage in extreme scumbag activities.

so that you can

*Enjoy all the power you want to do whatever you want.

*Enjoy unlimited continues when you foul up.

How can you do this?

My Mastering Law of Attraction courses teaches you how to take massive action so that you can provide massive value. The kind of value that would make you want to forgive a total scumbag. My only request is that you actually don't be a scumbag. Click "I Want This!" below to claim your course while there's still time!

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